10 Makeup Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know to Look Beautiful with Half the Effort


Makeup is one of the best things ever invented, especially for us girls. There is no right or wrong amount of makeup you should apply, as long as you feel comfortable and it looks good on you.

While sometimes it may feel like you spend hours in front of the mirror primping yourself, we have some great makeup hacks here that you will surely love.

And it doesn’t matter if you already have a black belt in applying makeup or are new to the scene; these useful makeup tips will help you get the perfect look you’ve always wanted…fast.

1. Long-lasting Lipstick

makeup 10
Image: funkyhijabi.com

Don’t you hate it when your perfectly applied lipstick starts to bleed and melt away before the end of the day?

Make your lipstick stay on longer by laying a piece of tissue over freshly applied lipstick and then dusting translucent powder on top. This helps to set the colour and you will get a lipstick for days.

2. Say no to lipstick-stained teeth

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Image: sophiannarambles.wordpress.com

This trick is super easy and saves you a ton of embarrassment. After you have coated your lips with colour, put your finger in your mouth.

Close your mouth and then pull your finger out. Any excess lipstick from the inside edges will now be on your finger, instead of on your teeth.

Now you won’t look like you’ve got bleeding teeth. Yips!

3. Resurrect dried mascara


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Image: annemariemitchell.com

If your mascara has dried out after three months, dump it as it can cause eye infections.

If it has been less than three months, revive flaky mascara by adding a few drops of the saline solution normally used for your contact lens into the mascara tube.

4. Make your colourful eyeshadow pop

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Image: pinterest.com

Love playing around with colours on your face? To really make that bright, intensive colour stand out on your eyes, prime and fill in your eyelids with white eyeliner or eyeshadow.

Then brush on the colour you want.

Then, stare in the mirror and admire your gorgeous, vibrant makeup.

5. Say hello to lush, long eyelashes without falsies or extensions

Image: pinterest.com
Image: pinterest.com

If you always wanted long and thick eyelashes that mascara simply can’t achieve for you, then you got to try this trick.

When swiping on mascara, take a cotton swab to dab on baby powder in-between applications.


The baby powder will help the mascara build up on your lashes for thick, luscious eyelashes easily.

6. Make your eyeliner last

Image: divalikes.com
Image: divalikes.com

Eyeliner has a habit of smudging and giving you the not-so-chic effect of racoon eyes that only look good on racoons themselves.

To stop this from happening, go over your eyeliner with the same colour but in a powdered form using a liner brush. The powder will set the eyeliner and help it stay on.

7. Maximise your under-eye concealer

Image: somakemeupbeforeyougogo.blogspot.com
Image: somakemeupbeforeyougogo.blogspot.com

You have been applying your under-eye concealer all wrong if you have been dotting it in a half-moon shape under your eyes.

Instead, apply it in a triangle shape and then blend. This has the added bonus of giving a slight highlighting effect to your cheeks.


8. Brighten your eyes

Image: bethbenderbeauty.com
Image: bethbenderbeauty.com

Want to trick people into thinking that you have had your full 8 hours of sleep even if you have only slept for 3 hours?

Apply a light, shimmery colour on the inner corners of your eyes for an instant eye-opening look (pun intended!).

9. Get easily curled lashes

Image: makeup.allwomenstalk.com
Image: makeup.allwomenstalk.com

Heated lash curlers can cost a bomb for those perfectly curled lashes. Don’t worry, you can have your own heated lash curler without burning a hole in your pocket.

Simply take your hair dryer and blow it at your eyelash curler for a few seconds before curling your lashes.

A word of caution: test the hotness against your hand before using – burned eyelids are no fun!

10. Spray your perfume correctly

Image: covermagazine.hk
Image: covermagazine.hk

Here’s how to get the most out of your expensive perfume and still smell deliciously fragrant at the end of the day! Instead of spraying a cloud in front of you and walking through it, apply it on your pulse points.


These are the base of your throat, behind the ear, inside your wrists, inside the elbows and behind the knee. The heat from your pulses will warm and release the fragrance from your perfume!