10 Makeup Tips Asians Should Never, Ever Try

Today, there’s countless makeup tips, hacks, and tutorials you can watch online to up your makeup game.

However, just bear in mind that not all of the makeup tips online, especially by westerners, can be pulled off by every Asian.

So if you have very distinctive Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese etc features, this article may be helpful!

Here’re 10 makeup tips that Asians should never attempt to do, because you not ang mo.


Image: frontrowbeauty.com

Try not to contour a non-existent crease line especially on your eyelids. Since Asians have very distinctive facial structures, don’t overdo it with the contouring or you’ll look absolutely fake. Embrace your Asian features.

But if you must contour..

Image: extrapetite.com

Focus on areas that you feel are too round or flat such as your cheeks and nose. That will be enough to make you look amazing.

Eye makeup for western eyes

Image: mymag.com

Do avoid following tutorials that are meant for western eyes. You’ll only get a messy finish when you’re done. Instead, take advantage of your smooth and flat eyelids and play with a wash of one or two colours to make your eyes pop.

Highlight the outer corners of your eyes

Image: steelerslounge.com

Especially with shimmery eyeshadow because this will only highlight any skin sagging over the crease of your eyes.

The cat eyeliner

Image: pinterest.com

Asian eyes are better suited with winged eyeliner rather than cat eye-liner. Why? It’s because cat eyeliner will make small Asian eyes look awkwardly angled while winged eyeliner makes the eyes look more striking by accentuating the shape of your eyes.

Lining entire length of your waterline

Image: blog.artistrhi.com

Unless you want your eyes to look smaller than they already are, do not attempt to line your entire waterline especially with black eye-liner. Instead, use a shade of brown and line them half-way, then blend for a dramatic effect.

Light brown blush

Image: makeupgeek.com

Asian skin has yellow undertones and using a brown blusher on your cheeks will only make your skin look dirty. So use a beige, sheer or plum blusher to give you that healthy glow instead.

Foundation and concealers with pink undertones

Image: stylecraze.com

Avoid buying or using makeup with pink undertones as they look harsh on Asian skin which is normally yellow undertone. When applying foundation, be sure to apply it lightly. A lighter application will give your skin better coverage and make it look more natural.

Cold or plum lip colours

Image: thestyleandbeautydoctor.com

Plum lip colours especially tend to make Asian lips look grey and old. Instead, choose vibrant colours like red or orange. Add some gloss and you’ll see the difference it does to your skin.

Oil-based products

Image: realasianbeauty.com

Try to avoid using makeup that is oily or oil-based as Asian skin is normally oily. Wearing these products on your face might make your face look extra shiny and cakey after a few hours of application.

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