10 Mala Hotpot in S’pore That’ll Turn You Into Fire

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The only thing better than your usual hotpot is a piping hot Sze Chuan hotpot. Known as the spicy and numbing flavour added to hotpots, ma la huo guo is well loved by many and can be found all over Singapore.

But which of these yong-tau-foo-lookalike are the best? Here’s our take list you’re itching for it now.

1. Ri Ri Hong Mala Xiang Guo

People’s Park Food Centre has not one, but two of Ri Ri Hong’s stalls to cope with the fans of their delicious food. You can adjust the spiciness level according to your wants, and the herbs and spices top your meal of nicely. Vegetables go at $1, meat at $2 and seafood for $3.

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2. The Kitchen’s Mala Hotpot

The Star Vista has plenty of food choices, but The Kitchen at #02-25/26 serves Mala Huo Guo that tastes better than almost any other. Bamboo shoots and kelp slices finish of Mala dishes just fine. The ingredients may cost a little more than expected, at $0.80 per 100g onwards, $2.80 for meat and $3.80 for seafood. But hey, 一份钱一分货, right?

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3. Si Wei Mao Cai

Along 33 Mosque Street, you’ll find this place that serves sizzling hot hotpot. They certainly don’t go easy on their chili peppers and oil, and are as close to the traditional Sichuan cuisine as it gets. If you think you can take on the spiciest of Mala hotpots, you should try the extra spice they offer, and maybe challenge a friend while you’re at it too.

Remember to prepare a glass of ice water while you’re doing the challenge.

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4. Cookhouse Mala Xiang Guo

JEM houses one of the best stir-fried hotpots, and you’ll find yourself coming back for more at the Cookhouse. Their maggi mee seems to garner more favour than the rice bowls they usually serve, so we recommend you give it a try. Watch out for the long queues though!

from eatbma.blogspot.sg

5. Guo Fu Steamboat

Not only will you get your hotpot fix, you’ll be indulging in healthier food too. China Square Central’s Guo Fu lets you choose from the wide array of ingredients, ensuring that each serving will be satisfying. What’s more they have free-flow Xiao Long Bao (O…M…G!!!) – you’ll never see a typical hotpot meal the same again.

from Guo Fu Steamboat

6. The Magic Of ChongQing Hot Pot

In Tanglin Shopping Centre, you’ll find one of the Mala hotpot pioneers of Singapore at #04-06/07. For years they have pleased taste buds with their crimson Mala soup and variety of ingredients, so suffice to say, this is the go-to place if you want the original taste of Mala!

from themagicofchongqinghotpot.com

7. Jiu Mao Jiu Hotpot

You might have heard of their 4-tier Pagoda Steamboat, offering a classier way to eat Mala. Ingredients are charged by weight basis like many other places. Their Stir-fry with Garlic option is good if you want your steamboat to have that extra zing.

Image: thumbsforfood.blogspot.sg

8. Nan Hwa Chong Fish Head Steamboat Corner

Settle down in a comfortable dining environment as you feast on their fish steamboat. Their white cabbages, mushrooms and fried yam go great with the Mala flavour.

from Nan Hwa Chong

9. Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

OKay, you can’t go wrong with this. If you’re looking for both a fulfilling meal and excellent service, Hai Di Lao has you covered. Free manicure service is available for the ladies as well, and the kids can tumble around in the entertainment area. Yes, they’re popular for their service, but the food deserves the praise as well. Different levels of spiciness and condiments give customers free rein of choice as well!

from Hai Di Lao Hot Pot

10. Tong Fu Ju Sichuan Restaurant

Charcoal grilled live fish and Mala? Count us in. In a classy setting with unique decorations, you won’t regret giving their spicy seafood a try. Sides like seaweed and different sauces will make your meal unforgettable!

from koipy.com

What are you waiting for? Head down to get a taste of the amazing Mala Hotpots now!

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