10 most painful shits we all remember from our primary school dentist visit


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 3:47 pm

Do you still remember your primary school dentist? Are you able to remember your anxiety and nervousness when you visit the dentist? Yes, if you are still able to remember your dental experience, this article is for you. Here are the 10 most painful shits about your dental visit that you’ll never forget in your lifetime.

The smell
Yes, we all hate that legendary dentist smell. The smell of that glove that is exclusively used by the dentist. Yes, we know that you know.

The polishing sound
Do you still remember that sound when the dentist uses the dental apparatus to polish your teeth? That drilling sound that the dental devices made which made you imagined that the dentist was drilling a nail into your gum.

When she told you to lie down
‘Ah Boy ah, lie down here.’ And the moment you hear that, your face turned green. Because you’ll never know what is your dentist going to say about your teeth again. Is she going to nag about the cavity that you have in your molar? Or is she going to complain about your plague? Whatever it is, we know, is never going to be a compliment.

Scaring you
Yes, at some point in our life, we are haunted by our school dentist at least once or twice. She’ll start lamenting on your negligence for your teeth and start telling you how your teeth would soon drop off if you fail to brush it carefully. And without a doubt, you’ll start to call your mum to buy all the equipments that you need, dental floss, Listerine and what not.

Plucking of teeth
When the dentist realised that one of your teeth is shaky and needs to be removed quickly, she doesn’t bother to ask you if you want it to be plucked because she will do anyways. So before you know it, you already have a cotton bud in your mouth, soaking up all the blood and your milk tooth in your hand. You go out of the clinic in tears, and can’t wait to go home quickly to put the tooth under your pillow and wait for the tooth fairy’s visit.

The hook
‘The hook’ that goes in between your teeth, and behind your teeth to remove all the food waste. And sometimes, the dentist accidentally dig into your gum, but you’re not allowed to say anything. And slowly, you’ll realise that you have been tearing. Yes, that’s how scary school dentist can be, we don’t kid you.

They curse and swear at you
Please, don’t get us wrong. We don’t mean it in the vulgar way. But they do scold you in a very harsh tone. And as a primary 1 boy that barely knows anything, you’re trembling inside, not knowing what to reply to all their scoldings.

When you rinse your mouth
When you come up from the bed, and start to rinse your mouth. Lo and behold, you start to spit out water with blood stains and white bits. And you start to cry to yourself at night, because you began to worry if your teeth would one day be gone after the visit to the dentist.

When the light shines at you
‘Boy ah, close your eyes, I going to on the light alr.’ And within seconds, the lights would be switched on and be shone directly at you. And sadly, there is nothing that you can do about it,

Waiting time
Nothing can surpass the agony of waiting in the dental clinic. Not only are you praying desperately so to get the friendlier dentist, you will also have to witness the entire preparation process. You see the dentists start to select the dentist apparatus and rinsing it slowly, and you began to imagine the torturous dental treatment that will happen shortly. Yes, it is that haunting.