10 Movies that Every 90s Kid Love & Every 00s Kid Doesn’t Understand

When we talk about movies, there are two kinds: the fast-come-fast-go type, and the legendary ones that stay in our hearts forever. Every generation, be it the ’80s, ’90s or the ’00s kids will have their favourite movies. And every generation will think that their movies are the best.

These are 10 movies that best represent the childhood of all 90’s kids. Agree?

1. Home Alone 1

All 90’s kids will remember this show. After all, which kid doesn’t like dumb thieves and a smart boy? It doesn’t hurt that this was played almost every Christmas and there’s snow. Plenty of snow.

2. Fight Back to School 1

Just the first 5 seconds of the Hong Kong movie production animation will bring you down memory lane like no others. And no one can do action-comedy like Stephen Chow. Nobody.

3. God of Gamblers

No, not the Singapore drama series (although they’re pretty good at selling insurance).

Think Chow Yun-Fat and for most 90’s kids, the god of gamblers comes to mind. This was the defining moment for most of us 4D and Toto punters. If he can do it, so can you!

4. Titanic

Who could forget the scene with windows, steam and a hand? It practically signifies how a couple heated up a room, not that we understood the connotation at that point in time.

Plus, everyone wondered why Jack is so unlucky.

5. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

No, not Jurassic World. Our version of Jurassic Park has the T-rex at the king of the jungle forever.

It’s blood-pumping, heart-stopping and most importantly, jaw-dropping.

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6. Terminator 1

Image: thetimes.co.uk
Image: thetimes.co.uk

To 90’s kids, the Terminator will forever be Arnold Schwarzenegger. I will be back.

7. Starship Troopers

Hate bugs? Imagine huge bugs that can bite you in half and one that can suck your brains out. Ew. 

This was probably most ’90s kids’ first exposure to a nude moment in an official movie.

8. Rush Hour

We’ll never forget the magic of Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan. With a healthy dose of action and comedy.

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And plenty of racist comments because people weren’t so sensitive back then.


9. Karate Kid

Not the one with Jackie Chan. The one with Mr Miyagi. This film has inspired plenty of 90’s kids to take up a martial art, and painting of walls as well. Brush up, brush down. 

Swipe left, Swipe right. At least it helped with Tinder, even if our martial arts skill remains much to be desired.

10. Blue Streak

Okay, this was the first movie I watched in the cinema. What are the chances of a thief leaving his stolen diamond in an unfinished building before going to jail, only to find it a police station after his release? Only here. But damn, it’s awesome.


Trust me, comedy movies in 2019 have nothing on this classic of a movie.

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