10 NDP Songs That Are Still Classics Today, Unlike Recent Ones That Became Classified

Last Updated on 2023-08-08 , 3:43 pm

In recent years, it seemed like the NDP songs haven’t been so well-received, compared to those retro ones that kids are still singing in school.

With National Day around the corner, let’s go back in time and recall some of the best NDP songs that are still sung today as a classic!

Five Stars Arising (1996)

“Five stars arising, out of the stormy sea”…do you remember how we used to sing this during National Day period and there were even actions to accompany the song? Children born in the 1970s and 1980s would be familiar with this song since it was popular back then. Besides, this song is full of meaning – describing Singapore’s independence as we raised out of the stormy sea (political landscape of post-independence).

Singapore Town (1997)

You might not know the name, but the catchy tune of Singapore Town is something that kids of the 1970s and early 1980s will remember. “Because it is Singapore, Singapore…You’ll find happiness for everyone.” A light-hearted and yet meaningful song, it captured the hearts of many Singaporeans. It was quite true that we did find happiness for everyone in those days because we take delight in all the small things. Life was so much simpler then.

Stand Up for Singapore (1984)

Everyone knows this song, with its irritating “Stand up, stand up for Singapore,” being repeated again and again. Nonetheless, it encourages Singaporeans to look out for each other and to stand up for the country that we all love.

Count on Me Singapore (1987)

This NDP song has a grand and powerful opening. “We have a vision for tomorrow”, encouraging Singaporeans to move forward together to fulfil this vision for Singapore. It is a beautiful song in which Singaporeans are reminded that it is up to us, the citizens, to bring glory and pride to our motherland.

One People, One Nation, One Singapore (1990)

This song is probably nostalgic for kids born in the 1980s because it was the butt of a joke that spread through schools. Instead of singing “One people, One Nation, One Singapore”, it was replaced with food names – showing just how much Singaporeans love food! Even our NDP songs can be turned into a celebration of food! Nonetheless, it was a meaningful song and its catchy tune never fails to put a smile on any Singaporean’s face.

We are Singapore (1986)

This famous song is still sung in today’s NDP celebration. It is an iconic song that embodies many of our values, aspirations and dreams. Standing together to hear the lion roar means a lot to Singaporeans who saw our forefathers struggling to build up the country that we have today. For children of later years, this song represents the unity of the country.

It’s The Little Things (1992)

“It’s the little things that we share, the love and joy that’s in the air…” Do you remember this song? It was one of the more modernised one that focus on community more than the nation. Released in 1992, it was an apt NDP song as we began to seek for a national identity that we could belong to.

Home (1998)

This is the most iconic song for the past 20 years probably. Kit Chan did such a wonderful number on it that we can still hear it almost every National Day. The best part about this song is its adaption from English to Chinese as well, making it almost like a Mandopop song that was sung even by people in other countries.

In 2023, Kit Chan did a new version of the song for its 25th anniversary:

Moments of Magic (1999)

Ah…the catchy tune of this song send everyone dancing back in the good old days. The celebratory tune, with the encouraging lyrics uplifting the spirits of everyone and reminding all Singaporeans to help one another to experience those “moments of magic”.

Where I Belong (2001)

“Where I belong, where I keep my heart and soul…” This soulful yet catchy song remains with us even after all these years, reminding us that Singapore is where we belong, where our families and loved ones stay, and where we will grow and move forward in life.

An inspiring song for all, it is definitely one for the classics!