10 Neymar Diving Memes That’ll Be Remembered Even if Brazil Lost the World Cup

Now, do not be mistaken; Neymar is an exceptional player. He has the skills to pay the bills and is quite rightfully so the most expensive footballer on the planet… thus far anyway. 

Also, he seems to have the looks too (according to my smitten colleague), so really he’s like the complete package.

Image: Alizada Studios / Shutterstock.com

Or that’s what I would like to say, had Neymar not displayed the occasional tendencies of squirming on the pitch like a frazzled newborn everytime he comes into close contact with a defender.

In fact, it makes you wonder whether the footballer could have actually gotten into water sports had he not been so good with a ball, seeing how he’s so exceptional at…


And while that has always been a hall trademark of his “skill set”, the controversial skill was thrown under extreme scrutiny when Neymar gave an exceptionally “powerful performance” in the 70th minute against Mexico. Here, take a look.

And the Oscar award goes to…

ANYWAY, this bit of “play-acting” soon spurned a whole series of memes that mocked the footballer’s all-too-apparent “pain”. And suffice it to say that they are all pretty darn genius.

As such, let’s move onto the memes, and determine whether Neymar was actually a dolphin in his previous life.


1. KFC

It seems that the whole Neymar diving fever as spread as far as the shores of South Africa, with its local chain of KFC doing an advert that seems only too intent on parodying the antics of our favourite footballer.

Zooming in on a footballer with apparent ‘Neymaritis’, the advert open with an ongoing football match and sees a footballer get hacked down on the pitch. Which would have been pretty normal, had the footballer not proceeded to roll on the floor in real exaggerated fashion.

Yeah, take a look here:

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What a genius move (dive) on KFC South Africa’s part. Kudos.

2. Holy water

Someone theorised that Neymar had paid a trip to the church.

Image: Miriti Murungi

Yeah, he definitely needs some holy water from the way he’s acting.

3. 10/10

And of course, no meme list will be complete without the board.

“He’s jumping… he’s jumping! Oh, what a dive! Neymar da Silva Santos Junior has produced a truly spectacular performance, and it seems that the judges agree! Just look at the scoreboards; it’s a perfect ten across all three judges!”

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4. Fragile

Some noted Neymar’s extreme fragility and were considerate enough to gift him an appropriate accessory.


Although it wasn’t really a physical gift, seeing how the footballer is so sensitive to the very word.

Image: thrillist.com

Hey look Neymar, now your legs won’t break from some teeny weeny physical contact! Isn’t that great?

5. No really, no physical contact at all

Give the poor dude a break and stop touching him already!

Image: Alasbahiomar Twitter

Just look at that scream of agony. #sobs

6. Assassination

Can’t understand why Neymar’s in so much pain? This video might explain why.


Sorry, Neymar, if we had known that a sniper was after you all this while, we would’ve been more lenient on you.

Right, moving on.

7. Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

Before KFC did it, another guy (or girl) by the Youtube user handle of Cr7EDITZ 2018 did it.

And what’s more; this one featured the authentic Neymar. Sweet.


They see me rollin’

8. They hatin’

Rolling has never been as globe-trotting worthy as this.

9. The tough decision

To dive or not to dive, that’s the question. – Neymar Junior

Image: Daily Mail

One would think that immense talent’s way more than enough to help your team, but it seems that Neymar has fallen too deep into the ‘diving and playacting’ well.

10. Yoga expert

Football? Nope. Diving? Nope.

Neymar’s actually doing Yoga. What a surprise.

Image: dailymail.co.uk

Goddamn, he’s flexible. 

Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior

A great footballer, no doubt.


But from the looks of it…

He might be an even better actor.

Image: dailymail.co.uk

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