10 Non-Mainstream Parks in S’pore That Are Worth More Than 1 Visit

East Coast Park, Botanic Gardens, West Coast Park. They all sound pretty familiar, right? These parks are gems in Singapore but there are also many other beautiful, but underrated, parks in Singapore.

Here are 10 under-appreciated and hidden parks in Singapore you and your friends and family should visit.

1. Coney Island

Image: shape.com

Coney Island, also known as Pulau Serangoon, is found at Punggol area.

It is off the coast of northeastern Singapore. You will be able to rent a bike to drive into and around the tiny island when you get there.

Coney Island is extremely undeveloped, which makes the island a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Image: straitstimes.com

Its tall trees and vast grass patches is a breath of fresh air from the everyday life in Singapore. Feel the love of Mother Nature and visit Coney Island with your friends and family.

2. Zheng Hua Nature Park

Image: greatnewplaces.com

The humble western region of Singapore boasts of this gem found in the heart of Bukit Panjang.

The Zhenghua Nature Park is found in the middle of a residential area which makes it a very family-friendly park.

There are jogging trails, exercise facilities and most importantly, super fun playgrounds. There is even a sand pit playground! It’s every parent and child’s paradise.

Occasionally, you may spot an interesting animal or two. There have been spotting of monkeys and wild boars. Who would have known one will find such animals in a residential area?

How truly magical Singapore could be.

3. Tampines Eco Green

Image: cheekiemonkies.com

This place is a bird paradise! Other than the famous Jurong Bird Park, here is another place for bird lovers.

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While walking around Tampines Eco Green, you will be greeted with beautiful flying creatures. There are also trails for exercise.

The amazing thing about the trails in this park is that the trails are not concrete or gravel, but natural dirt just aligned with soft grass. Indeed, one of the untouched areas of Singapore.

4. Sengkang Riverside Park

Image: susanwong.blogspot.sg

The Sengkang Riverside park is a 21-hectare green space opened in 2008.

Another park packed with trails for you to enjoy! This park is home to many kinds of aquatic plants and attracts all kinds of birds.

There are also many fruit trees planted around the park. PUB’s Sengkang Floating Island, Singapore’s largest man made wetland, is also found in the park.

5. Ketam Mountain Bike Park

Calling all bikers! This is for you.

Image: redbull.com

The Ketam Mountain Bike Park is located at Pulau Ubin.

This park is known for its bike trails, even meets the international standard for mountain biking competitions. Who would have thought Singapore has this kind of facility?

Image: singaporemtb.com

Amazing, isn’t it? This hidden gem in the island of Pualu Ubin is definitely a park worth visiting.

6. Duxton Plain Park

Image: theheartlandertourist.wordpress.com

As the title says, this place is actually hidden!

You may have never heard of the Duxton Plain Park. It is found in the midst of the busy area between Chinatown and Outram. A great place for office workers to take a rest with some coffee.

You are so lucky if your workplace is around this area, you get to have this space to just relax and got your head off the stresses of life and just enjoy nature.

Not only does this place offer relaxation, but also good Instagram pictures! There are some spots in the park that can fill up your Instagram feed for days.

7. Ann Siang Hill Park

The Ann Siang Hill park is a quiet space amidst the noisy Chinatown.

Image: nparks.gov.sg

Another park near to Chinatown.

You get to visit some old shop houses as you walk around the park. It feels like aa vintage area with a touch of Chinese vibe.

And it’s definitely a place worth a visit!

8. Telok Ayer Green

Image: commons.wikimedia.org

The Telok Ayer Green is in between two national monuments, the Thian Hock Keng temple and the Nagore Durgha Shrine, both historic places of worship of Singapore’s early immigrants.

Image: miles-around.de

This park is a pioneer trail, filled with statues and sights, and rich in history. It’s definitely worth visiting especially for the younger generation of Singapore.

After all, it’s only right that Singaporeans understand our roots, right?

9. Little Guilin

Image: travelog.me

Bet you cannot believe that this gem is actually found in Singapore.

This beautiful park is found in the area of Bukit Batok. Indulge in the beauty of Singapore’s rare piece of nature in this place.

Bring your partner, your friends or your family and spend some quality time around the breathtaking lake of Little Guilin. Have a picnic, soak in the warmth of the sun and take tons of photos!

But ladies, don’t go alone because gruesome crimes have happened here before.

10. Pasir Ris Park

Image: foursquare.com

What a rare sight!

Image: campkaki.com

This little maze park is found at Pasir Ris. Get lost in a nature maze in this place! The park is filled with extremely tall hedges that will make you feel like you’re on set of the Maze Runner.

It’s a super cool place to visit!

So there you go, 10 hidden parks in Singapore worth a visit from you, no matter whether it’s for a romantic picnic or just some Instagram-worthy pictures.

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Featured Image: susanwong.blogspot.sg + 9nong / Shutterstock.com

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