10 Overseas KFC Items So Good They Should Be Imported into S’pore

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Best known for its juicy, deliciously savoury, “finger licking’ good” original fried chicken (as all fried chicken should be), KFC is such a massive fast food chain that it has restaurants in 123 (and counting) countries around the world.

That’s a close second to McDonald’s, and let’s be honest, these two fast-food chains have literally watched us grow up.

Still, KFC has continued to evolve and expand throughout the years (Original Recipe Porridge anyone?) and has always made sure to cater to the local markets worldwide.

Here are the top 10 KFC items we wish (HINT HINT KFC) they’d bring to SG, because we all foodies lah and we heart food (we heart Colonel Sanders too so bring the food already please):

1. KFC Christmas Meal from Japan

If you don’t pre-order this weeks in advance, be prepared to weather long queues on Christmas day itself. KFC has become synonymous with Christmas in Japan, and I mean, just looking at what they have in the meal, I totally understand.

Image: businessinsider.com

The Party barrel for Christmas comes with crisp fried chicken, cake, side dishes and even Christmas wine for those feeling a lil’ more festive.

I’m ready for a KFC Christmas. Mazel Tov!!!!

2. KFC Golden Egg Crunch from Hong Kong

Did the salted egg yolk craze ever leave Singapore?! From Macdonalds salted egg yolk chicken burger to Irvin’s salted egg fish skin today, it’s clear the salted egg mania is still going strong.

Image: KFC

Just imagining the juicy, tender chicken fried to golden perfection and covered in addictive golden yolk sprinkles is enough to make anyone drool.

KFC, please bring the Golden Egg Crunch to SG. We’re egg-cited for its arrival.

3. KFC Shrimp Burger from China

Foodies can get the best of both worlds with the creative KFC shrimp burger.

Image: pinterest.com

Imagine perfectly fried chicken patty with fresh whole shrimp enveloped within. With every bite, you get a juicy combi of 2 in 1 (seafood and chicken).

Shiok lah.

4. KFC Toasted Burritos from the UK

Mexican food is the bombdiggity. I truly believe that anytime there’s Mexican fusion, the food will turn out to be crazy fantabulous.

With three different variations, UK offers a feast of toasted chicken burritos – pulled chicken, original recipe, and zinger.

Image: Brand Eating

Wrapped in a lightly toasted tortilla with spicy rice, bean salsa, cheese, fresh lettuce, and Chipotle mayonnaise, you’ll be experiencing a little slice of heaven with every bite.

And yes, my favourite cuisine is Mexican. How did you guys even guess?

5. Edible coffee cups from the UK

When I say I love coffee, that’s a serious understatement. For my fellow coffee addicts connoisseurs out there, this one’s for you.

Image: bustle.com

Aside from being super environmentally friendly, you’ve got to admit this is a pretty sweet idea. Made from a special wafer-like biscuit and lined with a layer of heat-resistant white chocolate, the cup is 100% edible.

Food science is amazing.

6. KFC Double Down Dog from the Philippines

I’m sure the famous KFC double down burger needs no introduction. Sinfully finger licking it is. A remake of the delish double down burger, the double down dog looks equally like a heart attack waiting to happen, which means only one thing…….. HELL YES!!

Image: Brand Eating

Consisting of a hot dog wrapped in a deep fried chicken patty drizzled with cheese and mayo, the double down dog would be perfect for those days you’re feeling gluttonous. Almost every day basically.

7. Potato Krisper from India

KFC’s first ever potato burger, the Potato Krisper is a veg burger made up of a fried potato patty marinated in special tangy sauce.

Image: Feenix-Trichy

I suppose this is healthier, and health is wealth, so bring it on KFC #ActiveSG.


8. Takoyaki Pop from Thailand

Made of Japanese Takoyaki Chicken with Takoyaki sauce and a generous sprinkling of seaweed flakes, the Takoyaki pop combines 2 classics perfectly – Osaka style Takoyaki and crispy popcorn chicken.

Image: thailandcurrent.com


9. KFC Wing Zabb from Thailand

Another brilliant KFC item from Thailand’s KFC. Seriously, we need to up our game.

Image: Projamm.com

Just take a moment to appreciate that deep golden colour. You can practically hear the crunch as you bite into the crispy wing zabb drenched in the local spicy, lime-infused marinade sauce.

Hot damn.

10. KFC Shoyu Sansho Chicken from Japan

Okay, I get that this was in Singapore (time-limited offer) but I missed it. And I really really want to try it.

My colleagues here at Goody Feed, including handsome Leon who can’t take spicy stuff, swears that this is the best stuff KFC ever came up with.

Image: nylon.com.sg

I need to know first-hand if it’s even better than soy sauce Korean fried chicken (which is already way too fly).


Peppered with crispy seaweed bits and black sesame with fragrant sweet soy sauce, I just know it’ll be as exceptional as it is been made out to be (crisp on the outside, tender on the inside mmmmmmm).

Ugh, I can’t wait. I’m counting down the days till these items grace us with their godly presence in KFC.

Till then, tell us, what are the items you’d like to try first?

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