10 Painful Memories of Non-Air-Con Buses That 90s Kids Won’t Want to Relive

Last Updated on 2022-04-29 , 8:17 pm

Nowadays, taking the bus is a period of enjoyment: you get to sit in an air-conditioned area, listen to your favourite song and fall asleep. In fact, some people’s hobby is just to take long bus rides, because it clears their mind as well.

My friend, in the 90s, this wasn’t the case.

Skipping the non air-con bus
In the past, we would rather wait for another ten minutes for the next bus than to be in a non air-con bus. And very often, the next bus that came is non air-con as well. #truestory

Skipping the air-con bus
Then came another group of people who would rather take the non air-con bus, because it’s cheaper. Yeah, back in the days, people treasure every single cent they made.

Fighting for the window seat
If you sit on the aisle seat, you’ll sweat like crazy, while people at the window seat would be happily smiling at the slices of wind that blow their hair.

It’s cooler on the bus stop than in the bus
Like, seriously. If you’ve been to Chinatown during Chinese New Year, that was how it felt like: stuffy, hot and sweaty.

The shaking that made it almost impossible to sleep
Buses in the past did not seem to have good suspension: if you lay your head on the window, it’ll just be a matter of seconds before you knock on it hard. That was why we all people-watch in the past!

The 98 that looks like 99
Back in the days, the bus numbers are not digital, and so it’s common for us to board Bus 98, only to realize ten minutes later that it was bus 99.

Seats that will bounce when someone heavy sat beside you
Because it’s one long seat instead of two individual seats, you’ll bounce up when someone sat beside you hard. If it’s someone heavy, the recoil is so strong that you might just hit your head on the top of the bus. #jokinglah

The bell that is everywhere
Old buses have bells that are on the ceiling of the bus. Yeah, you’ve read it right: on the top of the bus! You can’t give the excuse of not being able to press the bell in advance back then.

Chewed gums everywhere
Now you know why chewing gums are banned in Singapore, eh?

Seats that are wet
When it rains, the rain will get in through the windows, and you’ll have seats that are wet. Nowadays, when it rains, only the floor will be wet. What good times we live in!