10 Part-time Jobs to Work for People Who Just Finished Their A / O / N Levels

All the youths out there, good job on surviving your A / O / N levels! Well, results are not out just yet so you must be worried?

Don’t be. I burned my uniform after completing my A’s so… Wait, don’t burn yours. I wasn’t serious.

But over the years, I’ve learned to let go (of whatever negativity) after walking out of the exam hall. Fact is, you can’t change whatever you’ve submitted so… dwell on it no further.

Instead, look forward to what’s ahead.

Don’t ask your parents for extra pocket money, go earn some yourself. Many times, you learn more about yourself while you’re out there slogging your guts out for that $8 per hour.

Trust me, 姐姐是过来人. But I’m still young at heart. Don’t judge.

Okay, enough of life philosophies for the time being. Here’re 10 part-time jobs you might be interested to pick up.

1. Florist

This is something I’ve personally done before after graduating from JC and it’s a valuable skill I carry with me for life. While many may associate this job more with females, this is not true.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what’s a calla lily. You just need the right attitude because you will learn on the job. From wrapping bouquets, flower arrangements to administrative aspects like taking online or phone orders… it’s a wonderful learning opportunity.

Most importantly, you will be able to identify fresh flowers from the almost-dying ones. This is important when you start giving or receiving flowers from that special someone next time.

How to apply: In stores or simply google for one closest to your place and send an email over. You can try here and here.

Bonus if you can work till end of February 2018 because Valentine’s Day is the busiest period for all florists in the world.

2. Supermarket Helpers

After Christmas, we will be a month and a half away from Chinese New Year. So this is the period where many supermarkets will be hiring helpers to help with arrangement of goods, tasting or simply just to jaga the place.

Image: flickr.com

How to apply: Google ‘part-time supermarket helper’ and you will see a list from Gumtree. Try here. Read the listings thoroughly though, some are through agencies while a couple are direct hires.

3. Event Crews

Ah, events. There are ongoing events all year round so you will be able to land yourself a job in no time.

As an event crew, you may be tasked to promote, raise awareness of brand(s) and / or product(s). If you’re good in sales, use that as a plus point to be a product demonstrator.

How to apply: There are various event companies who are constantly on the lookout for part-timers to fill up those spots. Just Google.

4. Personal Assistant

As a personal assistant, expect to be a multi-tasker because you will be the coffee kia, mail collector, document deliverer, phone operator and more.

The insurance industry is constantly on the lookout for part-time personal assistants to help them with administrative work and cold-calling.

How to apply: Try searching ‘personal assistant’ on indeed.com.sg.

5. Retail Assistant

There’re ongoing vacancies for retail assistants. From clothes to shoes, they are always on the search for more to fill up shifts.

How to apply: If you love pets, try checking out Pet Lovers Centre. Otherwise, take a walk round your favorite shopping mall and take notice of the signs they put up asking for hire.

Image: activerain.com

6. Assistant Teacher

If you have a love for kids, and want to experience how it is like being surrounded with kids, apply to be an assistant teacher.

Image: mindchamps.org

Depending on the age group, a role like that sees you assisting the main instructor / trainer / teacher with getting the kids settled down. Of course, aiding them during class work.

How to apply: Identify the school in which you think you can contribute to. Enrichment centers are the ones usually on the look out for an extra pair of hands.

7. Call Center Agent

The name sounds nice but this is not a very pleasant job. You will be handling inbound calls, usually from people who are ready to throw a complain or question at you.

The pay is above average though, especially if you’re required or willing to work the night shift.

You probably won’t be smiling like they are:

Image: salesforce.com

How to apply: Look out for ads online or go through recruitment agencies where they have tons of vacancies.

8. Waiter / Waitress

Most of the hiring restaurants don’t require experience but prep yourself for a fast-paced environment. You will also need to be able to stand for long hours and handle the weight of the food you’re serving.

How to apply: There are one-off event servers or you can apply to the company of your choice. Here’s one to consider.

9. Data Entry Officer

If you dislike humans and prefer to face the screen, this is for you. You must be able to type accurately and at a fast speed… which I think shouldn’t be a problem for the young generation nowadays.

Image: reactiongifs.com

Just remember to rest your eyes and look at some greens after an hour or two.

How to apply: Type ‘part-time data entry’ via Jobstreet. You will see a list of agencies sourcing for data entry officers.

10. Warehouse Assistant 

The nature of the business determines your product you will handle. But most of them are routine jobs. For example, if you’re applying a job with Ezbuy, then you will be packing orders and handling parcels.

Image: tidiki.com.sg

Some of the jobs will require a minimum age while some don’t. So, read before you apply.

How to apply: You can search for these jobs via fastjobs.sg.

There many other options out there so keep an open mind, apply and try. You might just find your ‘calling’ or lifetime passion while at it.

Best of luck!

Featured image: Travel & Painting