10 phrases that will make all S’poreans feel damn shiok and excited


Last Updated on 2016-06-23 , 12:28 pm

People always say actions speak louder than words but there are some words that are enough to make any Singaporean jump off their chair.

“Eat all you can”
Can you feel your heart starting to run a marathon? This phrase, commonly used in buffets, is one that resonates with all Singaporeans.

Being foodies, not having a limit to the amount of food you can eat equals to heaven on earth. “Eat all you can” buffets, anyone?

“Clearance sale”
This one’s a jaw-dropper. Clearance sales mean awesomely low prices for good quality items! These sales are especially common for shoes and bags so with GSS ongoing, ladies and gentlemen, it’s the right time for you to get down to shopping.

Who knows, you might just come across a clearance sale!

“Everything must go”
Somewhat similar to a clearance sale, “everything must go” also means sales for good quality items. Though their deals may not be as awesome as clearance sales, their prices are still ridiculously low. As it is commonly found in clothing shops that are of a better brand, it is totally worth it.

“I am your relief teacher”
Having worked as a relief teacher, I could see the joy on the students’ faces the moment I walk in and say that phrase.

After all, relief teacher means no assigned work, no boring math equations and best of them all, you can do the incomplete homework of your other subjects.

“No school today”
This one excites me even till today. Nothing feels better than hearing your school has been cancelled because of the haze, am I right?

You can sleep in late, laze around, meet your friends for lunch and watch movies all day. Awesome isn’t it? I guess there still was a silver lining under the clouds haze.


“This day has been declared a public holiday”
Remember the moment last year when August 7 was declared a public holiday? I could almost hear the whole of Singapore screaming in joy.

That gave a solid five days of holiday, making it a great getaway for all those working without having to take leave. Good times!

“Free entry”
Basically, anything that’s free is good. Free entry to the museum, free entry to clubs, free entry to the dome and so on are bound to make all Singaporeans travel all the way to these places.

You might not even be a fan of history or clubbing but hey, it’s free so why not right?

Money!!! Payday usually means that your month of being broke has come to an end and you can finally go eat at that dim sum place you have been wanting to try.

Of course, it is bound to come to an end in a week but if it’s short-lived happiness then so be it.

“Free MRT rides for the weekend”
Not all of us own cars so the MRT forms the basis of travelling from one place to another alongside buses. What’s better than being able to get from Singapore to Malaysia for free?

Okay, I actually meant from Tampines to Joo Koon but it is almost the same thing. You can do your shopping anywhere you want, cafe hop and explore Singapore!

“ERP is down”
Oh, the joy! This is certain to make all drivers rejoice. Paying ERP can be a pain when you already have so many other costs to take care of. Although this is bound to be a very rare occasion it can happen and when it does, it is time to hit the roads.

These phrases are probably all you need to get any Singaporean excited so really, we are not a hard to please bunch!


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