10 Primary School Memories That’re Scarier Than Dentists


Last Updated on 2022-05-12 , 1:19 pm

Remember seeing the dental nurse (or a student with a cotton ball inside his mouth) walking into your class, and hearing your name being called?

The fear sets in because if you name is called, it’s Game Over. But do you remember other fears that are even scarier than the sound of the drilling equipment? Here’re ten of them, and this time, most of them are emotional pain than physical pain!

That Fear of BFF Unfriending You
Back when our circle of close friends was so tiny, we always ended up picking fights with each other and it always ended with “I don’t friend you”. We never actually meant it because when you were back at school the next day, suddenly, it was as if nothing ever happened. But that “unfriend” period—it was so painful, you could literally cry.

That Fear of Tattletales
I’m sure you’ve said this before in your primary school day, “I tell your mother” or “I tell teacher”.  I’m pretty sure office politics are by these kids who couldn’t grow up.

Fear of Ghost Stories…or Ghosts
We all know of someone who will always be trying to scare us with some horror story about somewhere being haunted! All the sayings of the toilet, the 5th floor classrooms or the school halls are haunted may seem so small, funny and trivial, but strangely…we all believed them.

That Fear of Joining TAF club
For the unfit or just plain lazy ones, this would generally be one of the most disliked “subjects”. It’s a torture to see others eating while you’re running…with an empty stomach.

That Fear of Having Your Name Called out in Class
Being called to go up to the front of the class to read or write, while your friend next to you went “heng ah never call me” is not just embarrassing—to some, it’s the end of the world.

That Fear of Changing Seats
For some reason, we’re always seated with our crush …until one day, we got split up for talking too much to each other. You can almost hear hearts shattering when that happened.

That Fear of Exams
Exams means having to study and at the age of 7, and let’s face it: even if you were the straight-A student, you’ll still have the same fear and panic when exam times is around the corner, because as a student, your life is all about examinations…no?

That Fear of Receiving Your Report Card
When your exam papers are marked and the report card or book comes back in your hand, do you, like, shiver for a second? And do you get that dreadful feeling of having to bring it back home to get it signed, especially when you know you did not do very well? Well, the entire process is torturous, to say the least!

That Fear of Meet-the-Parents Session
Every time this happened, we would be praying to every God that all would be only praises yet we can’t help but to remember those random acts of nuisance in class. Would the teacher sabo me, or let me have a good holiday?

That Fear of Not Completing Your Homework
Never do homework again? Forgot to bring it to class again? Somehow, we always “forget” to about our homework only to regret it the next day. Unfinished = phone call to the parents. We all know where that goes.