10 Problems with Samsung Note 7 That Are Stopping People From Buying it


Some time back when my iPhone 5 expired after I accidentally washed it together with my laundry, I began my campaign to look for a replacement.

Many tried to matchmake me with the Note 7. Refusing to go on a blind date, I looked around and found these problems:

1. #Brickgate

According to The New Paper, users experienced bricking whereby their phones would freeze during usage and then shut down and reboot. This problematic sequence would happen every five minutes.

If you do a factory reset, then be prepared for a world of pain because the phone would freeze during the reboot, shut down, and restart.

2. Distorting “Edge” Screen

The Galaxy Note 7 has an “Edge” screen where the screen on both the left and right sides of the phone curves.

There have been users who remarked that the “Edge” distorts the left and right sides of the apps, and the top and bottom of widescreen videos.

Though some might say it is “cool”, many others would curse its lack of geometric accuracy.

3. Fragility

Much as the device has undergone huge improvements, Samsung somewhat refuses to give it a metallic body.

With so much glass, one drop and your heart will shatter like the Galaxy Note 7.

Please, even Huawei have started using metal for its premium phones. Why can’t Samsung do the same?

4. Less Scratch-Resistant

Seriously? Most of us clutch our phones more tightly and securely than we do with our wallets.

This shows how much we are unwilling to let our phones take a fall. But a single scratch on our beloved devices and we start hunting for anyone who can remove the scar.

Here, Samsung happily sacrifices scratch resistance for improvement in drop survivability.

5. “Cheap” Clunky S-Pen

The phone underwent several upgrades but the poor S-pen has been left out.

Although smaller, it still feels incredibly cheap because the hollow plastic tube seems to give us the feeling that we are using cheap disposable pens than a premium phone.

I suppose Samsung has no funds to make metallic S-pens. Plus, it remains clunky as some users cannot press the home button with it.


6. Iris Scanner: A Redundancy?

The device has both fingerprint and iris scanners. The iris scanner is less functional than the fingerprint reader, which is a better form of biometric authentication that is found on the lock screen and doesn’t require any form of aiming to unlock.

In short, the iris scanner is a troublesome and near impractical piece of technology for the Note 7. Maybe its addition serves to earn Samsung more money.

7. Seeming Unjustifiable Price

Compare the phone to the OnePlus 3, which has the same SoC and storage but with 2GB more RAM, better software, and durable metallic body, it seems like OnePlus 3 is the better deal.

Plus, with price drops driven by Chinese OEMs, we are able to buy phones with flagship or near flagship specifications.

Let me ask you: Are you willing to spend extra $400 for a higher resolution curved screen, redundant biometric system, waterproofing, and cheap S-Pen?


8. Overrated Camera

Many reviewers declared the Galaxy Note 7 is the king of smartphone photography. Ben from Forbes simply cannot bring himself to believe and decided to but the much-lauded camera to the test.

Note 7 was pitted against Huawei P9 Plus, OnePlus 3, and Xiaomi Mi5.

Here’s the verdict: One Plus 3 and P9 Plus’s seem to beat Note 7 hands down, while P9 wins Note 7 in both manual and autofocus shots. Note 7 wins in the low/poor lighting category.

9. Gimmicky and Confusing

Ok. I will buy the wireless and fast-charging. But I most certainly do not pay for a GIF-making tool and waterproofing, which I don’t think I will ever use.

With that many apps, tools, functions, and properties, the Note 7 seems to become too gimmicky and a tad confusing. At times, I believe, simplicity can be classy.

10. Other Complaints

Some said the speaker at the bottom is a little soft, there is the problem with touch capacitive buttons, and quite some time is required before one can use the phone to its fullest capacity.


Mention these three to me and I will ask the salesperson to recommend me something else.

I am VERY picky with speakers and I truly dislike phones that give me huge grief and royal headaches when it comes to learning their myriad of hidden functions.

Featured Image: phonearena.com

This article was first published on goodyfeed.com