10 Rare Pokemon and Where You Can Catch Them in S’pore for Aspiring Pokemon Masters


Sick and tired of catching the same old Pidgey and Rattata? Or maybe you’re just too lazy to evolve rare Pokemon from their baby stages?

If you feel this way, we have something for you.

The writers in the office came together to create a list of Pokemon they die-die-also-want in their collection. Then, with the help of the One Map to Grab ’em All!, a Google Map created by Grab, we list down the possible locations of these Pokemon.

Any of these on the list caught your eye?


Image: pokego.org
Image: pokego.org

When it comes to Pokemon, of course, you can’t miss out on Snorlax. You’ve got to admit that this Pokemon has got the life we’ve always wanted: to sleep all day and not be disturbed because he’ll mess you up real bad if you do.

Snorlax can be found at
– Woodlands Ave 1
– Bedok Point
– Vivo City
– Ngee Ann Polytechnic
– 401 Hougang Ave 10, Singapore 530401
– 5 Tampines Central 6, Singapore 529482
– Tampines Street 83


Image: pokemoncheat.online
Image: pokemoncheat.online

A Pokemon shaped like a duck but is actually made out of programming codes, Polygon was relegated to the sidelines after its first appearance on national TV caused more than 600 children to be sent to the hospital for “seizure-like” symptoms due to strobe light effects.

You can catch your own Porygon at
– City Square Mall
– Orchard Central Mall
– Space Between City Vibe and Clementi Mall
– 271 Bukit Batok East Ave 4, Singapore 650271
– East Coast Park (Beside Marina Cove)
– Parklane Shopping Mall


Image: heavy.com
Image: heavy.com

A gentle blue Pokemon that resembles a plesiosaur, everyone loved Lapras because 1) it’s a Mythical Pokemon and 2) it’s just so damn cute. Too. Cute.

You can get a Lapras at:
– 10 Bayfront Ave, Singapore 018956
– Marina Bay Financial Center Tower 3
– Along Choa Chu Kang Ave 3


Image: YouTube (CraniumCode)
Image: YouTube (CraniumCode)

If you’re too lazy to spend your precious time catching Magikarp – a Magikarp needs 400 candies to evolve, which means you have to catch 100 Magikarps (3 Magikarp candies as a reward for the capture and one more when you transfer the fish to the professor).

Here are the places you can grab a Gyarados straight off the bat:
– Bukit Panjang Plaza
– Chinese Garden Twin Pagoda
– Outside 401 Hougang Ave 10, Singapore 530401


Image: YouTube (Lifehacker Videos)
Image: YouTube (Lifehacker Videos)

If you thought a Gyarados was hard enough to train, imagine having to train a Blastoise from a Squirtle. It has 3 evolution stages after all.

Catch a mean-looking Blastoise without having to go through the pains of evolution at these places:
– 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore 098382 (Facing Water towards Singapore)
– Along Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 Outside Ang Mo Kio MRT station
– Pek Kio Market
– Chinese Garden (Stone Boar)


Image: pokemongoglobal.com
Image: pokemongoglobal.com

Always wanted to be Ash Ketchum and fly on the back of your very own Charizard? Well, we can’t help you with the latter but here’s how you can get a Charizard of your own.

You can find your very own flying lizard at:
– ION Orchard Lvl 1 Atrium
– SengKang Community Club
– Between Seletar Club Road and Seletar Country Club



Image: reddit.com
Image: reddit.com

The Dragonite could be the most harmless-looking Pokemon among all the dragon Pokemon out there. Dratini alone is pretty hard to capture, not to mention getting enough to evolve that Dratini to a Dragonite. Sick and tired of trying to find rumoured Dratini nests only to be disappointed time after time? How about catching the source of your frustrations?

You can find the Dragonite at:
– Suntec City
– Tiong Bahru Plaza


Image: imgur.com
Image: imgur.com

The last of the three beginner Pokemon, you can’t call yourself a Pokemon master if you don’t have all three final evolution forms.

You can find this Pokemon at:
– Tanjong Pagar Plaza
– NSRCC Kranji Sanctuary Golf Course


Image: heavy.com
Image: heavy.com

If you remember the Pokemon cartoon that first came out (90s kids, remember the original series?), you’ll know that Chansey was the Pokemon that helped out with Nurse Joy at the Pokecenter.


It’s pretty apt that you can find Chansey at these places:
– Khoo Teck Phuat Hospital
– Changi General Hospital


Image: YouTube (Poké AK)
Image: YouTube (Poké AK)

90s kids, do you remember the awe when you saw a gym leader for the first time? Especially when his Geodude fainted and he called his Onix out.

Well, fashion yourself as the real life version of Brock by catching yourself an Onix at these places:
– AMK Hub
– Suntec City

Featured Image: reddit.com

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