10 Real Reasons Why Couples Fall Out Of Love After The Honeymoon Period


We always read articles of how to maintain relationships long after the honeymoon period is over. The honeymoon period usually happens after a couple gets into a relationship till about a year later and things start to get boring.

You no longer ask where one another wants to eat at because deep down, you already know. You stop cherishing time with one another and start to put work as a priority. Heck, you might not even spend as much time texting one another anymore since the both of you are always so swamped with work.

That’s when the relationship truly begins.

1.They become comfortable

It’s easy to become cozy with your partner after being together for a period of time. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing. But sometimes, you might mistake comfort as the person getting more boring.

After all, you know almost everything about the person, and there is nothing new or interesting to know about anymore. Topics slowly become duller and you find yourself thinking twice about your relationship.

2. One person stops putting in as much effort

While the two of you used to have date nights every Friday evening, it slowly ceases to exist. You no longer plan for the weekend, and he no longer does as much as he used to. It takes two hands to clap. If one stops clapping, the other will soon get tired.

3. Things become stagnant


Your relationship has reached a stage where things are just … meh.


There’s nothing exciting left to explore and you guys have conquered almost every place in Singapore. Going out equals to spending money so you guys resorted to staying home and watching movies. But one can only watch movies that many times.

4. They take each other for granted


Okay, but not so fierce lah.

Since you’re so used to the presence of the person that you assume he’ll always be there. The thought of him leaving you has never crossed your mind, and you start treating him far worse than you’ve treated anyone – just because he’s your boyfriend and vice versa.

5. They were not compatible in the first place

Sometimes, when you’re in the honeymoon period, you’re so in love that nothing about him fazes you. But once the period fades away, you realised that the both of you have differing views on so many matters – religion, family, future, things that are important.

And you come to realise that maybe the two of you weren’t that suited to begin with.

6. Expectations are not being met

Let me just say that expectations is one of the number one things on my list that kills a relationship.

He expects you to meet him whenever he’s free, and you expect him to send you home every single night. And when these expectations are not met, they often lead to a huge quarrel where both refuses to compromise, hence leading to a breakup.

Guys, here’s a piece of advice from us – Every girl wants to know that she is worth fighting for.

7. They constantly fight


You quarrel about everything. Literally everything.

You quarrel about the places to go for dinner, when one party didn’t text back, or even when they are out with their friends and not picking up your calls.

Even the simplest thing like him not telling you where he is can spark off a full-blown fight.

8. They are not completely vulnerable and transparent


He doesn’t tell you everything and you hardly speak of your feelings to him either. You assume he’d know while he believes in not having to share everything to you.

Being in a relationship means putting your heart out there and bearing it all out; giving your 100 percent in maintaining it.

It’s not easy for everyone to do so but if you really love this person, it’d be unfair for you to always be pulling back.


9. There is no communication


Communication is the most important factor in a relationship. Don’t just assume that your partner can read your mind. If you’re unhappy with something your boyfriend is doing, let him know.

Tell him your reasons behind it because if you bottle everything up, it’s just going to blow up in your face one day. Believe me, you wouldn’t want that day to come.

10. There is no trust

Source: http://cdn3.gurl.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/hanna4.gif

He has lied to you multiple times, and frankly every word he says is just words to you. They don’t mean much because to you, those words have never been proven true. A relationship cannot function without trust.

How can you be with someone if you cannot trust the words they say? Think about it.

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