10 Real Reasons Why You Should Get an Interior Designer for Your BTO Flat Especially if you’re on a Budget

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“I don’t need to pay someone to design my house.”, “I don’t have the money.”

Ask anyone if they want to get an interior designer for their house, and those who don’t usually cite these reasons.

But that’s wrong.

Here are 10 real reasons why you should get an interior designer for your BTO flat, ESPECIALLY if you’re on a tight budget.

1. You don’t make stupid mistakes

Let’s face it. D.I.Y might be cheaper, but because you don’t know what the heck you’re doing most of the time, you’re probably going to make more than a few mistakes along the way.

It’s okay if they’re minor mistakes, but if they’re huge ones, chances are you’re going to spend more just rectifying what you did.

A cupboard that can’t fit, a door that opens the wrong way, maybe even an island counter that blocks the entryway.

Image: giphy.com
Image: giphy.com

2. No amount of self-study is going to beat a pro

In a perfect world, you’re going to spend a couple of months reading through “Interior Designing for Dummies” and suddenly be able to achieve the perfect design for your house.

That’s…not going to happen.

What’s going to happen is you’ll design a house, buy the materials only to realise you got it all wrong.

Then you have to sell or throw those items away and buy again. And again. An-well you got what I mean.

Image: giphy.com
Image: giphy.com

3. You don’t have the necessary contacts

Interior designers, especially those who has been at it for a couple of years, usually has a vast network of contacts to call upon for your house.

This also means that they’re able to secure good lobangs for yourself. Better than what you yourself can come up with anyways.

4. And their contractors are less likely to run away

Just like insurance, you’re willing to pay more “just in case”.

Interior design firms usually guarantee that the contractor won’t be able to run away.

And even if they did, you can be sure that the firm is likely to pay for any losses.

Remember the renovation company which has scammed tens of thousands from those poor Singaporean couples?

Well, don’t be the next victim.

5. Your house will be one of a kind, in a good way.

Image: Facebook (D' Initial Concept)
Image: Facebook (D’ Initial Concept)

D.I.Y or not, your house is going to be one of a kind. Just good or bad.

Interior designers will take note of what you want, the kind of look and feel you want to achieve and customise an awesome design for you.

You, on the other hand, will know what you want, the kind of look and feel you want to achieve and make a mess out of everything.

6. You have an additional layer of security.

What better than to have someone experienced in the industry to guide you along?

The interior designer will make sure everything is top-notched for you because he wants you to recommend him to your friends who might just be getting their house soon.

A contractor, on the other hand, might just 偷工減料. After all, isn’t it better if you have to call him back to make repairs?

7. After the hassle of planning your wedding, you just want to sit back and relax.

Just like how you go to a restaurant and get served by someone instead of having to order from the counter, you wouldn’t want to get into another hectic situation because you just got out of one.

What better way than to shell out some money, say “yes” or “no and reap the rewards?

Image: teamdeals.ro
Image: teamdeals.ro

8. You get to keep to a budget

Okay, using the word budget and interior designer in the same sentence is a bit iffy, but hear me out.

Imagine this: You tell your ID you only have a $30,000 budget and get him to do everything for you.

He’s experienced enough to make full use of every cent. Hell, he’ll even save for you if you tell him he can “keep the change”.

Now think of what it’ll be like if you take charge of everything. Chances are you’ll spend $30k, realise it’s not enough and top up even more.

Image: giphy.com
Image: giphy.com

9. You get to see your house design before you do any renovation works

When you D.I.Y, you’ll only see the end result after completing your renovation works i.e. when it’s too late.

With interior designers, they’ll create a 3D walkthrough for your reference before they get started on anything.

With D’ Initial Concept, they’ll create a 3D walkthrough for your reference before they get started on anything. This way, you won’t spend a single cent more if you need something changed.

10. There’s always someone there for you

The piping in your house suddenly have an issue and you have no one to turn to in your darkest hour.

With an interior designer (provided you’ve been good to him), you know that he’s going to extend a helping hand (if you pay) or at the very least, some useful advice.

Image: plus.google.com
Image: plus.google.com

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