10 realest shits about motion sensor taps that piss you off more than smelly cubicles


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:37 pm

Every time you finished your “business” you need to wash your hands, these are the 10 realest shits about motion sensor taps that piss you off more than smelly cubicles.

Not working
When you want to wash your hands on the motion sensor tap, you put your hands there and waited for 5 seconds, but there’s no water coming out from the tap. You move on to the next tap and the same thing happened. You have to always try a few taps before getting the only one that’s working.

Washing off soap
When you soap your hands, you want to wash off the soap with water, and when you try to wash it off using the motion sensor tap, the water only comes out for awhile, you need to put your hands to the sensor again and again until your hands are clean.

Trying to find it
You move your hands to and fro, back and forth trying your best to find the sensor so that the water comes out. It became a tap that needs you to detect the sensor instead of the sensor detecting your hands.

You can’t adjust the water temperature in the motion sensor taps, whereas other taps can have this feature. Most of the motion sensor taps only come with cold water, it can be frustrating when you need warm water for your hands.

For families that have installed the motion sensor taps at home because you feel that you will save water, but you will spend a lot money on the tap itself. Motion sensor taps are not cheap, and the prices differs between models. Think whether you really need a motion sensor tap before installing at home.

Another problem with motion sensor taps being installed at home is when the tap becomes faulty and you have to repair it. You will need a professional plumber to repair the tap because a normal plumber will not know how to fix it.

Not the perfect timing
Motion sensor taps being installed in public places is to prevent wastage of water when users forget to turn off the tap, but when motion sensor taps are installed at home, it could be a fuss. It is because if the turning down time is too short, you will not have enough water to use, and if it’s too long, you will be wasting water instead of saving.

Haunted toilet
Some of the motion sensor taps are very sensitive, and it will turn on water when it senses some kind of movement. When you’re alone in the toilet and you are washing your hands after a late night movie, another motion sensor tap suddenly starts dispensing water, and you will be telling your friends that the toilet is haunted.

When the toilet is full of people and there’s only 1-2 motion sensor taps working, it can be a frustrating when you have to queue up to wash your hands. Queuing for the taps is as frustrating as people waiting to use the tap that you are using, you won’t have extra time to look at the mirror and style your hair.

Many people think that the motion sensor tap is unable to detect your hands that’s why it’s not working, but another reason might be because it is low in battery. Motion sensor taps mostly require batteries to operate, so when you install it at home, you have to change the battery after some time.

Top Image: Vladitto / Shutterstock.com