10 realest shits that only people who work in sales would understand

Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:53 pm

Anyone who has worked in sales would know this: the world isn’t as perfect as it looks. Being in sales means you’ll meet all kinds of people, from the really good ones to the really nasty ones.

Unless you’ve being in sales for at least a year, you won’t have understood any of these points. Like, seriously.

Prospects who meet up just for fun
It’s a little difficult to determine whether a prospect is sincere or not—but some of them, once you’ve met them, would show their true colours in the first five minutes of conversation. These people just book an appointment solely because they wanted someone to talk to, and not because they want to buy something.
Salespeople are salespeople, not social escorts, you dumbass.

Prospects who want to meet up, and meet up, and meet up
These prospects seem too free, because even if they’re just buying a $500 product, they’ll need to meet up with you 500 times before they sign the contract. Yes, customers are king, but not when the petrol and time spent is more than $500.

Prospects who meet up just to stroke his ego
Okay, let’s say you’re selling an insurance policy. You meet up with this prospect, and all he says is his big business, his big car and his big house. And when you show him the policy, he’ll tell you about his big watch and his big investment.
And he never signs anything.

Prospects who never turn up
Well, this takes the cake. And there’re MANY of these people in this world.

Prospects who are more interested in the salesperson than the product
If you’re good-looking, chances are you’ve encountered this before. That’s why every new salesperson’s first lesson is always to know when to draw the line—unless, his or her strategy is to blur that line…

Prospects who think salespeople are their slaves
These prospects would eventually turn into nasty clients who demand you to do something even at 12:07 a.m.—on a Saturday morning. And there’re many of these prospects around.

Prospects who think they’re already the client
They’ll get you to do this and that…and that and this…and eventually not buy anything. #poorsalesperson

Prospects who lowball you
You quote a price of $1,000, and he asks you whether $100 is okay, follow by a sad story of why $100 is justifiable. And when you politely decline, he became angry at you. What’s the world become?

Prospects who just want free things
They’ll promise you that if you give the product to them for free, they’ll help you publicize it. Once again, when you decline politely, they’ll post in Facebook on how bad your company is. #lifeofasalesperson

Prospects who treat you like dirt
They think that just because they’ve got some money, you must do anything they ask you to do—if not, they won’t buy from you. Hey, if you’re one of them, show salespeople some respect, will you?

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