10 reasons why you have to get a part time job when you get your IC

If you’ve just gotten your IC or is turning 15 soon, are you considering taking up a part time job during the weekends, holidays or even after school? We think you should. Here are 10 reasons why you have to get a part time job when you get your IC. But don’t forget that studying is still your number one priority!

Do something fun
It’s probably your first job in your life, it’s interesting!

Earn some extra pocket money
Of course, a job means extra money and you’ll be able to start saving. Or you can finally get that thing you’ve always wanted without asking for money from your parents.


Learn something new
You’ll be able to learn something new, such as how to properly use a gas stove or how to iron clothes assuming you find a F&B or retail job.

Get some life experience
You might not be starting your career or building your resume but you can get life experience which will be beneficial for character building. You learn that life is not just about pleasing yourself.

Show your parents what you’ve got
You can tell your parents you’ve taken up some responsibility and you’re starting to be independent. They’ll be proud of you and feel that they can entrust you with more things. They will probably relax their strict parenting because they trust oyu more.

Make new friends
You can make new friends at your workplace. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? You can boast to your classmates now that you have friends outside of school.


Build connections
You can start building connections with your boss, colleagues and even customers. Plus you can seek advice from your older colleagues!

You get to spend your time wisely
You get to do something else in life except for just studying and engaging in CCAs which are all school activities. Playing games are not as challenging as a part time job.

Explore where your interest lies
You get to explore with what you like and what you don’t. You will know yourself better through working. This can also help you decide on what course you want to take up in your near future.

Gain communication skills
Working will aid you in your communication skills. If you’ve always been shy and timid, all the more you should pick up a part time job to help boost your confidence. Communications skills are essential, whether in your presentations, or future education and work.

Top Image: Dragon Images / Shutterstock.com