10 Realest Reasons Why As You Grow Up, You’ll Have More Enemies Than Friends

Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:53 pm

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself suddenly losing friends and making enemies along this journey we call Life. Also, don’t be surprised when you find yourself actually not giving a shit too! It’s simply a way of life and it happens to the best of us. Here are 10 reasons why as you grow up, you’ll have more enemies than friends.

You Are More Suspicious of People
Gone are the days when you are easy-going and more open to letting people into your life. Why? As you get older, you learn that not everyone can be trusted. Even people whom you considered friends have had their share in breaking your trust at some point in time.  Trust no one.

You Are Less Tolerant to Bullshit
At one point in your life, you’ll realize that certain friendships do more harm than good and so, you decide to end it. You would rather not tolerate other people’s bullshit which you feel is taking a toll on your life and that’s a good thing. Toxic people don’t deserve a place at your table.

You Prefer Quantity Over Quality
A fact you must come into terms with. You’ll lose friends as you get older because growing older simply means that there are people whom you need to grow apart from as well. The ones that stick around, you know very well those are your real friends. Plus, it’s low maintenance!

You Have Different Ideals
You’ll be surprised that some people who used to be your friends end up being your enemies because you want different things in life and see things differently. As we grow older, we’re more aware of our own ideals and we go on our own paths even though people dislike us for it. Haters gonna hate.

You Take Things Seriously
Especially friendship. That’s why friends grow apart to the point of disliking each other. Either you both never took your friendship seriously, or only one did. Fact is, loyalty in friendship is everything and if you find yourself betrayed, you no longer consider them a friend. No such thing as ‘kiss and make-up’.

You Stop People-Pleasing
You realize that it’s time to put your well-being and happiness first and rather not let people use you over and over again. It’s not a bad thing to want things for yourself because being a little selfish is acceptable especially if you know your happiness is on the line. Be prepared to lose friends then.

You See People For Who They Really Are
Yes, time has a magical way of revealing people for who they really are. Friends whom you cherished since high school end up being the most irritating beings on the planet and well, that’s just how it is. Maybe you find that you actually have nothing in common with your best friends perhaps. It happens.

You Have A Larger Ego
It was so much easier back then when we were kids. We get into fights with our best friend and find ourselves playing with them again the next day. It’s different when we are older. When we get into a disagreement even if it’s a petty one, being the first to apologize will be the death of us because who wants to bruise their own ego, right?

You Judge. A Lot
In today’s world especially with the presence of social media, it’s easy to compare your life with other people’s which in turn leads you to judge. You constantly (not necessarily intentional) see how well other people are doing in their careers, family, love life that you can’t help but feel dissatisfied with yourself. Thus, making it harder to build sincere friendships with them.

You Have Your Own Life To Live
Especially when you have settled down with a family. Your family will end up being the only friends you have at the end of the day. For parents who have single/unmarried friends, you will find that it’s difficult for both of you to relate to one another and it can become frustrating on both sides.

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