10 reasons why it’s harder to woo women who are older


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:42 pm

Older women who are not married or attached seem to have a negative image in modern society. From “cougars” in western countries to “leftover women” in China, these are just a few of the nasty nicknames given to them. Let us explore why it may be harder to date an older women.

With age comes baggage
Most women are emotional lovers. As they grow older and have more experiences in life, emotional baggage may also follow suit. For example, if they had their hearts broken by a cheating ex when they were younger, they may not be able to fully trust future partners. Such accumulation of emotional baggage has a higher tendency to grow as women get older.

Image: lifeonthewedge.com
Image: lifeonthewedge.com

Inherit additional responsibilities
Ex-husbands, children, pending divorces, financial commitments, debts and business pressures are just a few of the additional responsibilities that you might need to take on.

Less likely to change themselves
Without any life-altering events, older women are less likely to change themselves. Most of them are done with experimenting and forming their outlooks on life in their twenties. The can adapt but it’s harder for them to change who they are.

Hard to change habits
Similarly, as people age, it becomes harder to change their habits because they’ve been doing the same things for so long that it’s ingrained in them. This applies to both women and men.

They know what they want
And they will make sure you know it. They are straightforward and won’t beat about the bush just to sugarcoat their words. You need to be prepared to take their honesty.

You need to live up to their expectations
Having seen more things in life than you, older women tend to have certain expectations of their partners. Some of the common expectations of their partners are maturity, being independent, confident and financially stable.

They may impose their opinions on you
This is where their maternal instincts get the better of them. Older women feel that they have the need to “teach” you and that may make them seem like they’re unreasonable at times.

Different stages in life
The age gap means that the both of you may be in different stages of life. Younger men may be just starting their career journey while the older women may concentrate on rising through the ranks.

A lot of their optimistic outlook on dating is gone
Younger women are more optimistic about love and dating, thanks to the many romantic movies out there. Older women are more practical and know that movies aren’t real life.

Societal stereotyping
Be prepared to deal with the silent judgements that people give you. There’s no way to stop people from talking behind your backs.