10 Reasons Why NSmen Like ICT, RT & IPPT Yet Tell Everyone They Dislike Them


Last Updated on 2024-04-06 , 3:04 pm

We’ve always been bitchin’ and moaning about serving NS and after ORD, serving 10 years of reservist training.

But do we really hate ICT, RT and IPPT as we show to others?

Here are 10 hidden reasons why we might secretly like ICT, RT and IPPT even though we say we don’t, because we just want to show others the hardship we’ve been through.

NSmen, do you agree?

You get to leave work early
Given that RT and IPPT are national requirements, your boss has no choice but to release you for your RT training. Of course, you’ll complain to your colleagues about it, but everyone notices that you always choose to go RT on weekdays while keeping your weekends free.

You’re being paid to sleep
Yes, we’re risking the wrath of all NSmen out there, but the truth of the matter is that we spend most of the hours in camp either sleeping, waiting or talking cock. Being paid to do that for 2 weeks is just icing on the cake.

It’s a legitimate reason to extend deadlines
So, your boss gave you a deadline which you find you’re unable to complete. Siam until you go for ICT, then proceed to work for it like siao in camp. Then when you’re done, just send the completed task to him or her and apologize for forgetting to send it to them before you go in camp. Instead of looking like someone who never complete your work on time, now they see you as someone so responsible you’ll even make sure to send it in on the weekend.

You have 2 weeks freedom from your wife or girlfriend
Not that you’ll ever tell her, but your ICT is your 2 weeks reprieve from the constant nagging she gives you at home. As a bonus, you can go happy hour with your friends on nights out without her finding out.

IPPT is like giving you free money
Especially with the new IPPT scheme, it’s easier than ever to get a gold, not to mention the monetary rewards are increased as well. Always wanting to get some stuff for yourself? Get the $500 IPPT reward and you’ll be able to get it.

RT forces you to exercise frequently
Some of us know the importance of working out, but we’re just unable to muster up the discipline needed to work out by ourselves, so we turn to RT to force us to exercise at least once or twice per week, just to build up the momentum before we go on our merry way.

ICT makes you save money
Being able to eat 3 whole meals(for free!) at the cookhouse and staying in 5 days per week can let you save a lot of money, unless you always eat at canteen and go out for nights out lah.

ICT is about reconnecting with old buddies
The outfield and waiting to rush, rushing to wait part sucks, but to chit chat with your army buddies that you’ve known since 18 is awesome, especially if all of you are busy with your own lives.

ICT is a great place to network at
If you’re in sales or an insurance agent, then you’re more than happy to go ICT because this gives you 2 whole weeks to work your magic on your platoon. Who knows, you might just earn more inside than you ever did outside.

RT can let you play a proper game of soccer
In RT, you can join the sports group and play a game of soccer or two for a few hours to your heart’s content. Leaving work early to play soccer, isn’t that just freaking awesome?

To know more about an NSman’s obligations, you might want to watch this video to the end: