10 Roller Coasters Around the World That Even Adrenaline Junkies Would Think Twice Before Buying a Ticket

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Theme parks are the best place to be in! There’s always so much to do and you will enjoy the sights and activities no matter how old you are.

But there are just theme parks and rides which you will look at in awe, or in fear, just like the image above.

Let’s take a look at the 10 scariest rides ever – and if you’re an adrenaline junkie, put this in your bucket list!

1. Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey

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With a height of 139m, this is the world’s tallest rollercoaster. It is also the second fastest rollercoaster and its length is 950m. Even with that height…you will only spend 28 seconds on it.

Can you believe how fast this is?

As your ride starts to go upwards, you will find yourself staring at the sky, but within seconds, you will nose-dive and plunge straight down.

The safety features are hydraulically operated, which means it will pin you down tight enough to ensure you don’t fly out halfway through the ride. With all these features, one can imagine how “dangerous” this ride is!

2. Sky Scream at Holiday Park, Germany


Like the name suggests, you will scream your lungs out on this rollercoaster. Prepare to have your mind tricked when you’re on this ride.

There will be instances where the roller coaster rolls back to gain momentum to scale the loops, rolls, and inversions. So, don’t be too happy when the roller coaster is slowing down.

And don’t step on this ride after a meal. With all these loops and rolls, I can guarantee your lunch isn’t going to stay in your stomach for long! *Don’t say I didn’t warn you.*

Well, actually, who would go for a ride after a meal? -_-

3. The Smiler at Alton Towers, UK

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Never go near someone or something that smiles this way.

Image: photocritical / Shutterstock.com

The Smiler holds a Guinness World Record for the most loops. You will experience a total of 14 loops on this ride, and this coupled with the optical illusions will make sure your legs turn wobbly. If this ride is on your must-do list, you will be glad to know this ride has been strengthened with additional safety features since an accident in the 2016.

Not sure if that makes it even scarier anot #justsaying

4. Fahrenheit at Hersheypark, Pennyslvania

To provide a better description of this ride, I looked at the POV video several times (no need to thank me) and this ride ain’t for me. Just looking at the loops made me feel giddy and with every inversion and turn, I feared for the riders’ lives.

The ride may look easy, but it is the steepest ride in the U.S. It’s so steep that you will see nothing when the rollercoaster makes a drop (too fast, too furious). The ride doesn’t end here – there are many types of rolls and loops you must undergo before the end of the ride and all these will only take 85 seconds.

That is usually the longest 85 seconds for anyone who has been through this ride.

5. SkyCycle at Brazilian Washuzan Highland Park, Japan

Rollercoasters can go slow and be scary too. The only item to secure you is a seatbelt while you’re pedaling on a narrow track. While there are no loops and steep drops to scare you, you will not want to engage in any heavy movement, lest you fall from a height that equals four storeys.

Cycling hasn’t looked so scary before, isn’t it?

6. SkyTower at Tivoli Friheden, Denmark

This is truly a fall that will test your true courage. Think you’re gonna spring back when you hit that trampoline? Nope. The moment you hang above that trampoline, the staff will remove your harness and let you fall 40m down (free-fall).

This ride is not for the faint-hearted but if you fancy the feeling of being brave, go ahead and try it.


7. Hades 360 at Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park, Wisconsin

Wooden rollercoasters scare me, and this is not just any rollercoaster. It has defied the odds and standards of average wooden rollercoasters. On this rollercoaster, riders experience a 360˚ roll, 65˚ steep drop and many other turns that will make your heart pound faster than ever.

Riders will also travel via an underground tunnel and this is what I fear because you never know what you’re going to face when you emerge from that tunnel. It’s that lack of certainty, you know.

8. X-Scream at Stratosphere, Las Vegas

This ride will send chills down your bone. Like the video suggests, the ride will send put and tilt you on the edge of the building. You will feel as though you’re sliding down the building and suddenly when you are extremely fearful, you’ll be pulled back. This is the ride that will build your guts!

But you know, if you didn’t see the video (or see the ride) before going for the ride, it’ll definitely make your heart stop.

9. Gravity Max at Discovery World, Taiwan

This is the ride that messes with your eyes and makes you go “WHUTTT”! After that steep climb, you will see nothing, and it is as though you’re approaching a cliff.


The next thing you know, your roller coaster is making a 90˚ flip before rushing down. It goes into a tunnel and you’re going to experience a series of turns and flips that will leave you weightless!

10. Ultra-Twister at Nagashima Spa Land, Japan

Be prepared to get dizzy and lose your sense of direction because this roller coaster is constantly going back and forth at an unfathomable speed. You will not know what’s gonna happen next, but the ride will be an intense one. The fast rolls and hills will keep your adrenaline up throughout seh.

I thought with this article, I could be a self-proclaimed thrill-seeker. But nope, I am not even halfway there. Seeing those POV rides is enough, no?

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