10 Romantic Ideas You Can Do for Val Day for Less Than $10 Per Pax

Admittedly, we don’t all have a secret stash of cash to dig into for Valentine’s Day. Yet we want nothing more than to please our significant other. Well, you no longer have to worry with these affordable (or even free) options for showing your loved one some love.

After all, atas dinners are so 1997.

1. Netflix and chill

Well, literally, I mean. Staying home and enjoying a movie at home is a great way to spend a date especially if your partner is going to be tired after a long weekday of work (for those blur guys out there…it’s on a Tuesday). Grab a bag of chips, sweet pastries or some fast food, because Valentine’s Day is definitely a day when you’re excused from indulging in your guilty pleasures. Besides, watching Netflix at home just means a shorter distance to the bedroom.

2. Cycling in a park

Tandem bikes enable two people to cycle together, which is as idyllic as it can get: a couple whisked away on a magical bicycle ride through a lush green park. Places like East Coast Park, Pasir Ris Park, and Punggol offer cheap bicycles rentals by the hour, and you are not short of scenic trails around the area to ride along.

3. Picnic

You could combine this with the previous activity; a relaxing, lazy picnic under rustling rain trees after a long, windy bicycle ride. Pack simple finger foods like sandwiches, salads and cookies can be packed into an adorable picnic basket and bring a comfortable mat to lay on. Some parks offer a great view of the sea, where you and your partner can munch on whatever snack you bring while enjoying each other’s company.

4. Museums

Open your eyes to the local art scene in Singapore’s many museums. Some are free, like the Singapore Philatelic Museum or National Museum, which would be within your budget. Slightly more interesting places like the ArtScience museum would be more expensive, but if that’s up your alley then it’ll be worth it. Either way, you’ll be feeling on cloud nine as you surround yourself with the beautiful art pieces while taking a jab or genuinely admire the works with your partner.

5. Karaoke

Let loose with your lover by singing your heart out! Some karaoke locations like Teo Heng are dirt cheap and still have a great variety of drinks for you to sooth your throat before you leap into your solo again.

But of course, do book early, because I’m certain there’re many Jacky Cheungs wannabes this Valentine’s Day.

6. River taxi ride

For just $5, you can hop on a river taxi and cruise down the clear Singapore waters and enjoy the sights of the city. Singapore’s city lights are something to behold at night, and with the surrounding nightlife never running dry on Valentine’s, your date will be a definite success.

7. Attend a mini concert

Alright, so you won’t be getting front row seats for a world class show. But your ears will still be in for a treat. A platform right outside the Esplanade offers free performances every now and then, and Valentine’s is likely to have musicians taking the opportunity to serenade the crowd. I reckon this 14th, you’ll only hear romantic songs–perfect for a day of love confessions, isn’t it?

8. Try out a sport

For those who love their active lifestyle, you could make use of the date to challenge your partner to a sport you two have been practicing for awhile in, or try something new. Skating is a great way to explore some hidden spots in Singapore, and simple sports like badminton can be good way to bond too.

9. Homemade food and art

If you’re eager to get on your creative side, why not start some DIY projects with your loved one? You could even indulge in your Masterchef side by cooking with your partner!

10. Go back to your first date site

Older couples might have a certain cafe or restaurant that holds a fond place in their heart. What better way to show your thoughtfulness by going back to the place it all started? If it isn’t below $10, you could recreate a similar setting at home with home made food, maybe with a candle and roses as the table centrepiece.

Add in a handmade card and your date will be like no other!

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