10 secret questions that all girls hope their boyfriends would ask


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:42 pm

Having a stable relationship is bliss, and every girl’s dream is to have a wonderful guy who will pamper her in all the right ways and treat her like she’s the most precious gem in the world.

Guys, you should read on to find out the 10 secret questions that all girls hope their boyfriends would ask.

Did you meet with a traffic jam today?
Let’s admit it guys, you normally wait for your girlfriends at the meeting place between 5 to 30 minutes, depending on what you are planning to do on that date. (We assure you that it is because girls wanted to look their best when they go out with you.) When your girlfriend arrive, do not ask them “why you so late?” with an irritated look, but look really concerned and ask her, “Honey, did you meet with a traffic jam today? Why are you looking so flustered?” We promise you that her heart will melt like ice cream under the hot sun.

Where did you buy that dress from? It looks absolutely gorgeous on you.
When a guy takes notice of what his girlfriend wears and takes the effort to compliment her, it give the girl a bubbling sense of happiness. This score way more points than just saying, “you look beautiful” every single time you see her.

Did you just cut your hair?
Taking notice of her looks, especially when she takes pains to look good for you makes her glow. Even if she did not cut her hair, having a slight change of hairstyle will make this question go a long way. Just make sure that you do not say this at every date you have with her

I see that you have gotten a new manicure/pedicure. Can I join you in future?
Yes guys, there are men who do manicure/pedicure. When your girlfriend looks after herself, she will love for you to look after yourself too. Offering to join her in her manicure/pedicure session make her feel that you want to make efforts to look good and also to spend as much time with her as possible.

You look really upset. What is wrong? Is there someone I need to bash?
When you meet your girlfriend and she looks upset (keeping quiet or looking out of sorts counts), asking this question can help her to verbalise what is bothering her. Girls need to talk, so give her a chance to talk by asking this question. It also makes her laugh when you ask her if there is someone that you would need to beat because in Singapore, you cannot just bash anyone.

Do I make you feel secure/loved?
Asking this question makes her feel that you care deeply for her, so much that you worry that you are not doing the best job that you can. This question also highlights her importance to you and makes her feel all warm and fuzzy. Do note that you must take her suggestions to heart if she tells you that you are not doing enough to make her feel good.

Can I have a chance to meet your friends and get to know them?
Asking her to introduce you to her friends will mean a lot to her. Girls love their friends and wanted any serious relationships to have the blessing of their friends. By asking to meet her friends, you are telling her that you are serious and want to meet her friends so that they can have the chance to know you better as a person. Make sure that you gain the approval of her friends though, or you might be in for a tough time.

May I visit your family?
This question will signal her that you are dead serious about the relationship. By asking to visit her family, you want her to know that she is very precious to you and you would like to extend the same care to her family. Besides, asking to meet family members usually means that the relationship is moving forward and that will make your girlfriend very excited indeed.

Shall we go and try on some rings from the jewellery shops?
When you pop this question, your girlfriend will know that you want to propose to her, but yet want you to choose the ring that she likes. Be sure to be real attentive to her choice, but do not buy the ring when she is around. Go back another day to get the ring. A proposal got to have an element of surprise.

Will you marry me?
This is the classic question that all girls in a serious relationship will want to hear from her boyfriend. Please do it the proper way – flowers, ring and kneeling down. You can choose either a big fanfare or a private dinner. It is up to your understanding of how your girlfriend likes it to be.

Now that you know the 10 secret questions that girls love to hear from their boyfriends, go on and practise it with your dream girl.

Top Image: Chutima Chaochaiya / Shutterstock.com