10 secret thoughts that all singles have but never admit to having them


Last Updated on 2017-05-11 , 8:05 pm

Being single is all fun and play until you walk down the streets and see couples holding hands, laughing and teasing each other. Damn, doesn’t that just hit you right in the feels? Here are some things that all singles have but just don’t wanna admit. Thumbs up and share if you agree, all you single people out there!

Never admitting about wanting a relationship

Whenever you and your friends go out for food or coffee, they’ll never fail to probe about your love life. Whenever they show you photos of cute guys/girls or try to introduce you to someone, you pretend that you’re not interested and try to change topics. When you hear about your friends flaunting off their other halves, you can’t help but feel you had someone who goes the extra mile just to see you smile.

Even when your friends are stressed and pulling out their hair over certain relationship issues, you secretly wished you had something like that to fret over too sometimes.

Miss/Mr Independent

We do everything and whatever we want at our own paces because we have no one else to consider. Many of us have more important things to do in life over finding someone to get romantically involved with.

In this age, many people have become more career-minded and settling down is usually one or few of the last things on their to-do list. We just want the best for ourselves and not tie ourselves down with unnecessary drama that will slow us down and wear us out emotionally.

Or rather, most of us are just too afraid or paiseh to lose our “Miss/Mr Independent” title because we’re the ones who are constantly advocating to our peers about the advantages of being single. We just don’t want to be labelled as “contradicting” or “ironic” if we really get into a relationship.

However when that day really comes (hopefully, don’t worry, I’ll pray for all of you with no luck in love), just prepare to kena all the “I tell you liao right!” kind of responses.

Valentines Day Forever Alone Day lai liao

14th February is just a normal day hor? Ya, we act all nonchalant on this day, but reality hurts like a female dog. You decide to go out, enjoy the day and pamper yourself and get away from all the double bonds. But everywhere you go, you see balloons, flowers, fingers intertwined etc.

Walao eh, sit MRT also no peace, the balloons keep slapping you sia, machiam karma punishing you for not having a significant other to spend this “special” day with.

Ferrero Rocher is just a brown-coloured ball of diabetes that can be found almost everywhere but you secretly wished you found them at your doorstep. You see your friends receiving flower bouquets and you just scoff in their faces, saying “Aiya, waste money lah, die also cannot keep” but you secretly wished someone knew how much you love baby breaths. (Fyi, pretty flowers, not burping babies).

You have? I also want!

When you see many of your friends starting to get attached, you start to feel left out. It is human nature to want to feel included. Sometimes when you and your friends hang out, having a common situation or topic to talk about is definitely an advantage. Of course, many of them would start to talk about their partners.

Being the forever alone one, you usually just sit one side and diam diam lor. You start to feel like you’re losing out and feel the need to get yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend too.

Why can’t I?

You scroll through social media, see everyone having a whale of a time with their significant other. You walk down the streets and see couples being chummy with each other. You go for a haircut and see someone waiting for their girlfriend to get their hair done.

Sometimes, you wish you had someone who would always be there, waiting for you. You can’t help but feel lonely and wonder how it feels like to be loved. When all the emotional thoughts start sinking in, you start to blame yourself for not being able to find the perfect one.

Green with jealousy

You start to feel like a complete loser when you feel that girls/boys who are less attractive than you can even get attached to someone. You start to feel jealous and insecure and you feel like you’re never good enough.


I hate you!

Life is never a bed of roses and things often don’t go the way we want it to. If you’re able to end up together with the person you like, you’re really lucky. Unfortunately, many of us fall in love with someone we know we can never have a chance with.

No doubt, we all have that special someone that we keep close to our hearts. However, when that special someone finds their special someone, it’s game over for us. We start to feel heartbroken and feel intense feelings of sadness and hatred towards them and ourselves. We can’t help but feel angry at our crushes for not reciprocating our feelings.

Make my hotline bling

Knowing that you’re truthfully and painfully single and available, you just want someone or rather anyone to make a move on you. Just slowly waiting for someone to approach you and give you a compliment or wanting your contact number. You just don’t want to feel left on the shelf.

Wishing you eternal happiness – not

We are all mean in some way or another. I know of some singles (not me though), who secretly wish for their friends’ relationships to end.

This is because they constantly feel left out and less important than their friends’ other half. Imagine you and your friends planned to hang out but suddenly all of them cancelled on you because of an impromptu plan with their other half. Definitely not something you’d want right?


Just a tip for attached people – Yes, your relationships are important. However, never forget your friends as they’ll be the ones who’ll catch you if you fall. Most importantly, you must know how to strike a balance between work/studies, love, family and friends.

Karang Guni

Lastly, you just don’t want to be single and left on the shelf for the rest of your life. No one wants to be left in the dump. However, you are fearful and wonder if you’re ever going to get attached for the rest of your life.

What if no one wants you or you’ll fail to meet the perfect one? Admit it, all you singles out there, there’ll be at least once where you asked yourself such a question. But fret not, I believe we’ll all meet our other halves eventually and the Goody Feed Team would like to wish all of you, all the best in finding love!

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