10 Sentences That Introverts Hope Others Will Stop Saying To Them


Last Updated on 2022-07-22 , 10:49 pm

If you’ve been an introvert all your life, or if your friend or family member is an introvert, you’ve got to read this.

Often referred to as a “shy” or “quiet” person, an introvert is actually not shy or quiet.

An introverted person means he or she doesn’t reveal his or her thoughts and feelings readily.

And unlike extroverts, they don’t get energized by people and wilt when they’re alone.

Here are 10 sentences you’ve got to stop saying to them, because, well, of this.

“You don’t seem shy around people.”

Bring introverted and shy are two completely different issues, but are often mistaken to be the same.

Some introverts are outgoing, but they simply need to reach a level of “closeness” with somebody to feel completely themselves.

This doesn’t mean they’re fake; they just have different comfort zones with different people. So the way they behave with different people varies.

“Why are you always so quiet?”

While you think of them as annoying quiet people, they may think of you as a frustrating, noisy person who cannot stop yapping about.

Introverts tend to appear as quiet people because they listen more than they speak.


And by listening more than you open your mouth, you tend to analyze things and learn. So who’s the winner now?

“Isn’t it lonely to be alone that frequently?”

Introverts need a lot of time to themselves.

While they can hang out with large groups for a party at night, they will need a day off all by themselves to recharge and power up.

They feel the need to spend some “quality time” with themselves to feel better, regardless if it’s just chilling at home doing nothing.

“You need to get out more and meet people.”

Perhaps you can’t understand how their mind works. It seems like sometimes they’re enthusiastic about hanging out with you and your large group of friends; yet at other times, they immediately turn down your invitation even though they have no other plans on.

No, they don’t need to get out more and meet new people. They have a great deal of discipline and control over their own life, and they will take a break when it’s time to.

“You just need to come out of your shell to be happier.”

Going out doesn’t mean happiness.

Doing productive things by themselves mean more than anything else, and introverts actually prefer just a small circle of close friends.

Their mentality will always be “quality over quantity.”

“Why can’t you just go and speak to somebody?”

They will speak to somebody when they need to. It’s not that they’re not great at talking; they might just feel awkward and stupid when they’ve nothing to converse with your pretentious overly friendly friends.


“You’re always so unfriendly.”

Again, not making friends doesn’t mean they’re unfriendly. Introverts seldom initiate to strike a conversation with unfamiliar people, as compared to extroverts.

And even if they do, their conversation would usually be short and sweet, direct to the point. If there’s no point, then there’s no conversation.

“Why do you hate people that much?”

No, they don’t hate people! They just hate the people who ask these sort of questions. If you’ve paid attention to your introvert friend, you would have understood.

“You are extremely boring.”

Well, if you’ve known an introvert for long enough, you’ll see that your introvert friend is hella crazy and can be a lot of fun!

“You should be more straightforward!”

While there are people who are more straightforward, you need to accept that there are people who are not.

Leaving the pretentious people out, some introverts just prefer not to blurt everything they know out.


They are considerate and meticulous people who just prefer to keep their thoughts and feelings to themselves because they don’t need the whole world to know what they’re feeling or thinking.