10 shits only someone who has been in a one-sided relationship will understand

A one-sided relationship is a sinking boat. You’re constantly trying to bail water out of it, but your partner is not interested in doing anything to save the two of you.

Here are ten shits that perfectly describe what it feels like being stuck in a dead-end relationship. If you’re in one, these points will hit you hard.

You Plan Everything, All the Time
As adults who are juggling careers, it’s tough trying to find time for each other. You start to notice that you’re the one who’s texting or calling up to fix your dates, and not him.

You’re Willing to Be Present, But…
She’s not doing the same for you when you really need someone to talk to, or hug.

Vulnerability Hits You Constantly
In a relationship, you need to feel like you’re safe and secure. I’d describe it as if you had to jump into a ring of fire, and your partner is there to save you. He’s not there when things get tough and you feel like a cloud of vulnerability is looming over your head.

You can’t open up
You also don’t open up about every single detail in your life, as you don’t really know the same skeletons can be used against you by the one you love.

Spending Time Together is Secondary
She feels much more obliged in doing the laundry or going out for a movie with her girlfriends, than spending time cuddling up with you.

You Apologize for EVERYTHING
Even when it’s not your mistake.

You Stress Up Over Heavy Thoughts
Why isn’t he calling me? Am I trying too hard? Am I putting too little into this relationship? Does he even love me at all? Or is it just the sex?

Reflect on your relationship, but don’t overanalyze. Be logical and list down how you feel about him. The pros and the cons. Then decide for yourself.

Asking for Help is Pretty Much like Begging
You get turned down flat almost every single time. And you feel obliged by the fact that she’s agreed to help you. It’s also pretty obvious that she’s doing it just because she has to, and not because it’s for you.

You Cover for Them
A small white lie here and there to cover for him and his attitude while you’re with your family and friends. This just won’t do.

Making Them a Part of Your Life, But You’re Not a Part of Theirs
You work hard to see her more in your everyday life, but she doesn’t really extend the same to you.

If it’s not working out, save yourself and your heart from the trouble, and consider moving on. You don’t need the excess emotional baggage pulling you down, and you’re better off by yourself.

Top Image: Twinsterphoto / Shutterstock.com

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