10 shits we used to squeeze into this cupboard when we were in secondary school

Last Updated on 2016-06-16 , 9:54 am

You know, that metal cupboard that’s always at the back of every single classroom? God knows how long it’s been there. Neither do we know how long the things in there have been kept. Here are 10 shits we used to squeeze into this cupboard when we’re in secondary school. Do you remember doing that too?

Mahjong paper
Teachers always bring mahjong paper each time they want us to do group work. It’s funny how they always bring enough for one person to have one piece of the huge ass mahjong paper when they know you only need four pieces for four groups. Then they refuse to bring the paper back to their office.

Corrugated cardboard
Those times when we had to buy so many of the coloured boards for projects and presentation. It’s too much of a hassle to bring it back home so you just break open the cupboard and leave the cardboard inside.

Lost uniforms
Too many times this has happened. Someone’s always losing his or her uniform but never comes forward when the teacher asks around. Nobody wants to touch or smell the sweat filled uniform so in the cupboard it goes.

Class banners
Usually, we have to make class banners for our annual sports meet. Since nobody wants to be the better person to bring it home, (it’s such a hassle, we know) the cupboard becomes the saviour.

PE attire
Similar to lost uniforms, lost PE attires will be kept in there if no one owns up to it – especially if it stinks worse than your chou chou pillow.

Half-eaten chocolates
These kind of people are the worse. Why don’t you just dump it in the bin instead? Nobody wants to open the cupboard and find a colony of ants or roaches in there.

Sweet wrappers
Not as bad as those who leave chocolate leftovers, but still bad enough. We know that dumping food wrappers in the class bin will get you into trouble with the teacher, but if you’re brave enough to eat in class, be brave enough to dump it in class too!

School ties
For those emergency times when you forget to bring a tie and will politely but anxiously ask a friend to bring it down. Until you forget that you left your tie there and keep buying new ones.

Water bottles
Not uncommon at all. Sometimes even the teachers will leave lost water bottles in the cupboard cos they can’t bear to throw it away.

School notes
That last day of school when you just want to go home early and not have to lug all the things home. The cupboard is the all time saviour cos it can just hold that many things.

Don’t you think that the cupboard is like the wardrobe in Narnia? Students just dump everything in there in hopes that the things will disappear.