10 Shoe Hacks So That You Won’t Get Any Blisters or Pain with Your New Shoes

It is an unfortunate event whenever you receive pretty shoes that are the wrong size or blisters from wearing new shoes.

But don’t fret, your shoes can still be saved! Here are a few tips and tricks to prevent getting blisters, to adjust your shoes to the right size and the fastest ways to keep your footwear clean.

Expand your tight shoes by wearing a pair of tight socks and using a hair dryer to blow at the area

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Reduce infection by soaking your aching and blistered feet in warm black tea

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Clean stained shoes using nail polish remover

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Spray your feet with hairspray to prevent your feet from slipping when you wear high heels

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Stuff newspapers in wet shoes to absorb moisture

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Loosen tight shoes by placing them in the freezer with bags of water

Image: lifehacker.com

Tie your house keys to your shoe laces when you go running

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Use a shower cap to prevent your dirty shoes from staining clean clothes when you travel

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Apply deodorant/ lubricant to your heels and easily blistered areas before wearing your shoes

Image: smarthacks.tv

Buff away any stains on your suede shoes using a nail file

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Now you know how to get your prettiest pair of shoes to shine while not having it slip off your feet at every step. Go forth and rock that pathway, people!

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This article was first published on goodyfeed.com in 2016 and revised on 24 June 2017.

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