10 signs he’s just being a good colleague and nothing more

In the office, you may make friends, and you hope, something more. Here’s for the ladies out there wondering if that nice colleague is really into you, or just… nice.

You initiate conversations
Work can get abit boring, but if you’re the one who always start conversations, instead of him, it is a subtle sign that he does not really prioritise spending time with you. Yes, he’s not interested.

He complains to you about work…too much
Complaining makes a person look whiny and generally unattractive, and if he’s doing that to you, he treats you as a close confidant in the office. After all, complaining makes you look bad and that is not an image you want to portray to someone you like.

You never get to go out with him alone
Be it the pantry, or during lunch, he does not ask you out alone. And when he do invite you out of the office, it’s always with other obnoxious colleagues. Sighs.

He speaks about his worries on love
When he speaks about relationship issues with you, he might think of you as a very good colleague or friend instead of a possible romantic partner. He can be worrying about his age and how he’s not getting a girlfriend, but it doesn’t mean he thinks you’re the one.

He does not reveal much about his personal life
If he doesn’t reveal much about his life, he does not want to get to know you as a person, just a colleague.

He’s too relaxed
Having a colleague that is genuine is great because you know that at least you have someone reliable. But watch out if he starts doing things that is damaging to his image in front of you. He might not care about your opinion of him, and that’s not good.

Your conversations are informative instead of enjoyable
Remember #1? Well, if he DOES talk to you, take note of what he talks about. If it is about work, or about boring stuff like today’s agenda, meetings, or even little things about the office, you know your conversations always revolve around work because he sees you as a colleague and nothing more.

He avoids meeting you at night
It’s a Friday night and sometimes, colleagues might want to have a drink together before heading home for the weekend. If you’re one of those people who do not have their own car, and has to find your own way back home, you know you’re not his priority if he did not volunteer to send you home.

He laughs at you a bit too much
Instead of laughing at your office antics, or your complaints about the office, he takes you to be an amusing person and laugh at you instead. This one’s a bit tricky though, having a good conversation can mean very different things! It might mean that he truly finds you interesting, or he just laughs and smiles because he’s being polite.

He doesn’t make the effort to communicate
Face it, you know he’s into you only when he pays you a visit at your office area, even if his is at the other end of the room. If he doesn’t, or doesn’t find an excuse to do so, he might just be a regular colleague.

Top Image: Odua Images / Shutterstock.com

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