10 Signs During Your Job Interview That Show You Are Not Going To Get The Job


Have you ever gone for a job interview thinking that you snagged the job only to be let down with a rejection over email or phone call? I’m pretty sure most of us have experienced this but did you know that there are subtle cues that could have happened during the interview which already signalled that you’re not getting the job? Observing these 10 signs might help you on your next job interview. So, be aware.

No eye contact

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When your interviewer seems to be looking elsewhere and not giving you eye contact when you are speaking, it indicates that he/she lacks interest in the interview. It can be annoying but it’s probably because you’re not saying anything that perks an interest or your tone is probably too passive.

Negative body language

If your interviewer is leaning away from you, has his/her arms crossed, keeps looking at their watch or the door, it only means one thing- “I’m not interested in hiring you”. This is probably a time for you to be the more proactive one. Lean forward and try to be more enthusiastic when you speak.


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Well, this is probably rude on their part and not yours but you’re bound to meet interviewers who are easily distracted. They would be checking on their phone or walking around the room while you speak which really harms your chance of getting the job. You can take your energy up a notch here and be more engaging- Or ask yourself if you want to work for this sort of person.

Cutting the interview short

If your interview is cut super short without an apology or explanation, it’s bad so forget about getting the job. Just say thank you for their time in the most composed way possible and move on to the next job interview. The working world is a big bad place after all. Just keep your head up.

Other qualified candidates in the running are mentioned

This often than not implies that you won’t get the job because there are other candidates much better suited for the position than you. It’s also what interviewers say when they want to lighten the blow of your rejection. But hey, miracles happen so you might still have a shot.

Lack of enthusiasm

When the interviewer has little to no interest in your achievements, skills or goals, it’s obvious that they’re not looking into hiring you but don’t be down about it. Ask them what exactly they’re looking for in someone who fits the position and ask them what success is to them and their organization. The insights would probably help with your other job interviews.


The limp handshake

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Another cue you should probably be aware of. A firm handshake at the end of your interview is more likely to indicate that you have a chance at getting the job. Regardless, make sure yours is firm and don’t forget to smile confidently.

No smiles from your interviewer

Well, if it’s your luck to get a grumpy interviewer then it’s just too bad. It might be because they don’t perceive you as the right candidate or maybe it’s just their face. Either way, roll with it and be confident and smile regardless.

Many pauses

This also signals disinterest. The interviewer is maybe trying to come up with questions that he/she thinks is relevant to you but finds it difficult because your skills and whatnot does not match the job description perhaps.

No mention about your availability

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There’s a higher chance that you’ll snag the job if the interviewer asks you when you’ll be available to start the job. If they don’t mention it, it’s probably because they won’t be offering it to you. However, no harm in being proactive and asking them what would the next step be for you.

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