10 Signs That a Boyfriend Will be a Good Husband in the Future


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Lest you’re unaware, there are tons of guys out there. But rest assured, they are not all the same, despite what females might insist.

See, men are categorised into multiple groups, including effeminate, chubby and even leg hair, depending on individual traits. But since we’re not talking about leg hair in this article, I’ll just get straight to the point.

Husband material, and non-husband material.

It might seem clear cut and all. Oh hey, husband material is obviously referring to Brad Pitt! Or George Clooney! Or even our very own Li Nan Xing! But what defines a hubby exactly? What does it take to be, and I quote, “the best of them all?”

I speak to the legendary Wise Old Man (WOM) regarding this matter and suffice to say, he had a lot to speak about the issue.

“Now, this is a pretty sensitive topic, seeing how every girl would claim her man to be the best,” the WOM said. “But let’s face it; 99% of those girls are downright born with eyes on their backside.”


So, how would someone qualify as perfect hubby material? Or in relation to this article’s topic, what are some tell-tale signs that your boyfriend will be the best hubby ever?

“Honestly, had I not left the market voluntarily a few years back, I would have been the obvious choice,” he expressed. “But too bad girls, this old dude’s disco stick has been forced into retirement-“

Answer the question, please.

“You’re an impatient one, aren’t you? No wonder you’re still single.”

You ass-

“Alright, 10 signs that your husband will be the best boyfriend ever. Let’s roll.”

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1. He treats you as his wife, not his mum

To even qualify as hubby material, your boyfriend needs to treat you as a potential wife, not a potential mum. After all, a hubby is supposed to take care of you, not the other way round.

So if your boyfriend manages to make all his dentist appointments without you reminding him, or cleans the room without being asked to, congratulations, your man is on the right track to being star husband of the year!

After all, he proved that he doesn’t need you to glue his life together; he can handle it just fine on his own. And that’s a trait you definitely want when you have kids unless you want to take care of not just the two children, but three.

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2. He can make you feel like a princess, anytime, anywhere.

It’s easy to treat your girlfriend like a princess when you’re having it easy.

It’s not, however, when you’re bruised and battered from all the shit life throws at you.

If your boyfriend has to constantly tank shit from his boss, colleagues (or perhaps even toxic friends & family members), and still manages to make you feel like you’re the luckiest girl in the world, guess what?

You got the right guy.

3. He supports you in everything you do

And by everything, I mean literally everything, unless it’s something morally unforgivable like going vegan of course.

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But yeah, he genuinely supports you in your ventures. But do not mistake that for blindly following your beliefs. If he has any constructive feedback or feels that it’s a tad bit illogical, he will make sure to bring it up.

4. He treats everyone nicely

A very wise old man (who also happens to be my deceased master) once said, “You can tell a lot about a person by how he treats others.”

And it’s true. One might be nice to his equals, but if he acts like, for lack of a better word, a dick to his inferiors, you can bet he will kick you down the drain if you ever adopt such status in his eyes.

A good man should be nice not only to pretty women with spanking high ratings but also the elderly, children and generally everyone. And if your boyfriend fits the bill to a solid T, you can bet that the man you want to raise your kids with.

And of course, it’s always a plus point if he’s someone who can actually get along with your fearsome parents! 

5. He doesn’t sugar-coat things when things get tough

In essence, a relationship shouldn’t just be about lovey-dovey moments, but also about improving each other as individuals.


And while sugar-coated words might sound especially sweet at the start, the fact remains that they won’t stick in the toughest times.

In actuality, sometimes what you need isn’t a honeyed compliment to get you through an obstacle, but a straight, up-front no-nonsense comment.

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Plus really, it speaks volumes about a man’s character when he’s willing to voice out what he actually thinks, instead of what he thinks should be said.

6. He’s well balanced out

And by that, I don’t mean his physical proportions, although, of course, that would be ideal too.

Rather, I’m talking about life commitments.


Now, a romantic guy who’s all about that 90% love life, 10% others life motto might be good in the short term. But let’s face it; life’s an unromantic bitch, and love isn’t going to get you through all the hardships that come with it.

Rather, opt for a guy who’s more well-balanced in all aspects (including managing his finances), although technically he should still prioritise you over everything else because we’re talking about the best husband here after all. 

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7. He has planned out his whole life ahead, and you’re at the core of it

Does he often talk about his dreams with you?

Does he often talk about his long-term goals with you?

Does he often talk about his future with you?

Lastly, are you a central figure in everything he talked about?

If you find yourself nodding along, what are you waiting for?

Just stuff a ring up his finger already.


See, boyfriends might be dime a dozen, but only a rare few would actually be willing to commit.

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And if your boyfriend doesn’t just shy away from the topic but embrace it, even initiate it, you can be damn sure that he’s one you can commit your own future to!

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8. You feel beautiful around him

You’re all decked out in a lovely white dress and flawless makeup for a date, and your man compliments on your beauty. Incidentally, that’s an easy thing to do.

Fast forward six months later, and your boyfriend awoke in the early morning, beside a very messy, distinctly unpresentable and haggled-looking you. Now, let’s be honest, it’s rather hard to stay positive in the light of it all, seeing how you’ve effectively morphed from a 9 to a 6 in the space of six months (or rather a night’s work).

Yet, even so, your boyfriend smiles and compliments you, and it wasn’t a fake, thinly-veiled attempt to make you feel better about yourself. Rather, he genuinely means it.

What does that mean, really? Well, just take it that no matter how sickly you might ever look, how wrinkled your skin might ever become or how old your face might ever get, your boyfriend is the guy who will stay by your side, smile at you and talk about how beautiful you are.

And really, that’s a feeling even the best makeup artist in the world cannot hope to replicate.

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9. He’s humorous

Medicine might come in all shapes and sizes, but none, in my opinion, comes close to the most natural, most shapeless one yet.


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(Of course, ice-cream’s a pretty enviable option too when you’re feeling dead inside, but humour has the slight advantage of not having any calories. In other words, it’s like Coke Zero.)

And it makes sense. What gets you all livened up again after a stressful day at work? Humour. What gets you all excited after experiencing a terrible loss? Humour.

Really, it’s no wonder why they say laughter’s the best medicine; impossibly effective, predominant and most importantly, a lot more cheaper.

So, if your boyfriend is a guy who can make you laugh anytime, anywhere, and get you all pumped up and ready to live again, you’ve got the one.

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But, heavens forbid, should you find yourself talking to the most boring man alive at times, don’t abandon hope yet.

Deadpan humour seems to be the in thing nowadays too, and it does get you all chortling.

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10. He’s your best friend

Your boyfriend is your best friend, and it’s not because you’re someone with no close friends.

Rather, it’s because you don’t need one.

Need to air your troubles? Your boyfriend’s there. Need to vent your rage to someone? Your boyfriend’s there. Heck, what would you need a best friend for when your boyfriend’s already being one?

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Unfortunately, this is probably the least common trait of all, considering how much a guy has to sacrifice to undertake such a role. But hey, at least you know how lucky you are if you ever encounter such a guy!

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Post edit

So yeah, that was the Wise Old Man speaking, and despite his initial childishness at the start, he does seem to know his stuff.

“Well, of course, I’m the Wise Old Man!”

Of course, of course. But hold on girls, one word of advice: don’t dump your boyfriends in the trash cans just yet.

See, you don’t need the best hubby in the world. All you need is a good one who will be good to you, your kids and hopefully even your perpetually black-faced parents, and you’re pretty much set for a happy marriage!

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