10 Signs that you’re a drama mama we bet you didn’t know

Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 3:50 pm

In every clique there’s the one who makes the decision, the one who goes MIA and the dramatic queen who overreacts in every situation. Think there isn’t one in your group? Well… Hard to break it to you but you may be the drama-mama of the group.

Here are ten signs of a drama mama. If you tick off more than half, sorry, you’re probably one.

Spamming your thoughts
When someone tries to arrange for a meetup, you respond by saying how busy you are, what went wrong today (OMG guess who I bumped into at lunch today??) and how stressed you are. After spamming a dozen messages, you still haven’t got to the main point of the conversation.

Hand language
Your friends are constantly doing the Matrix stunt, in order to avoid being hit by you when you’re talking animatedly. *flails* And then there’s that one time you banged on the table in public, when your friends had to tell you to calm down and chill.

You are always worrying about something. What do people think of my clothes today? Why hasn’t my colleague said hi? Why haven’t my bestie texted me yet? Is she angry about something? You tend to overthink everything and find the smallest problems to worry about. And when you finally decide to do something, you don’t just have a plan A, but also a Plan B, C, D, E…. Like when your friends decided to go to zoo and you turn up with a first aid kit, insect repellent, sunscreen, ice packs, and a bunch of other random stuff.

OMG!!! WTH!!! Whether it’s someone telling you something or you sharing a story, your conversation is spammed with caps and exclamation points to express your DISBELIEF!!!!!!!! HORROR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Extreme mood swings
The slightest things can affect your mood drastically. Your friend is busy at work and hasn’t replied your message in half an hour. You start to feel extremely anxious, worried that something may have happened to her or that she’s upset with you. Or when you’re out shopping and the salesperson forgets to greet you. “WHY LIKE THAT? I SHOULD TAKE HER PICTURE AND STOMP HER.” There only seems to be two stages on your emotional scale – 0 (peace) or 100 (breathes fire)!!

Venting on Social media
So what do you do when your emotion goes from 0 to 100? You turn to social media to explain in great detail why today is a horrible day and then finding emo quotes to spam on the timeline. The next stage of drama is when someone asks you if you are feeling okay. MORE COMPLAINING!

Annoyingly insecure in relationships
On your way home from school you see a couple arguing so you start to wonder if your boyfriend would give in to you in that situation. So you end up calling him and ask him, “Do you love me? Will you keep loving me?! What if this happens??” Sometimes you know you’re annoying people but you really cannot get over it until you have an answer. The right answer. And you still have to ask tomorrow because he may change his mind tomorrow, right? RIGHT??!

The loud one
You are the loud one within your group of friends, often talking loudly or laughing hysterically. You feel slightly uncomfortable when it’s someone else’s turn to talk and you try to butt in or start using your phone until it’s your turn again. It’s a sure sign if the focus of the conversation always go back to YOU.

Exaggeration skills
Whenever you talk about something that happened, you cannot help but exaggerate the details to make it sound like a bigger deal than it really is. That one time you saw someone losing balance slightly on the escalator, you make it sound like she almost fell and lost a limb, which scared you to death! If you’re a writer, your books would definitely be bestsellers, man.

Destructive skills
Under extreme circumstances, you can be really destructive. Like physically violent during a bad breakup or venting your anger by smashing things around you. It’s not common but when you lose it, you find yourself going out of control. Yeah, you’d regret when you calm down but that doesn’t make you any less guilty.