10 similarities between all S’pore shopping centres that make us want to stay at home instead

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There are so many shopping malls in Singapore these days, and we don’t understand why. After all, these malls are pretty much similar. Of course, we have malls that focus more on entertainment rather than trade, but those are far and few between.

Here are 10 similarities between all Singapore shopping centres that make us want to stay home instead.

Shopping is expensive
Of course it is. Everything is expensive. Clothes, underwear, school stuff. Even the cheap deals are not really that cheap, even at suburb malls.

It’s crowded
Everywhere is crowded, even Fairprice, especially during lunch hour.

They have the same shops
Meh. That makes everything so much more worse. You see the same shops in every other mall. You’ve probably memorized what each shop sells. You’ll see Charles and Keith in one mall, and another one in the next mall, over and over again.

Food is always the same
We are living in a food haven and that means we are pretty much spoiled for choice when we’re thinking of what to eat for lunch. But stay here long enough and you’ll realize it’s always Kopitiam. It’s always chicken rice, or noodles, or fried rice. Boring!

Too many pesky children
These children run around bumping into anything and anyone, then they start crying. They just don’t seem to know how to behave. And it’s not just the kids, it’s the parents too. I once saw a kid who was holding on to a ball and running around. He caused the alarm in a shop to sound. You’d have thought the father would give that kid a tongue lashing, but he simply called the kid over and went on his merry way. Great parenting, mister.

Public toilets are dirty
YES! And this isn’t confined to just suburb malls, but high end malls as well. With urine, tissue and other unmentionables in the cubicle, you’re tempted to just turn around, go home and do your business instead.

Queues are everywhere
Queues in the toilet, queues for food, and queues in Fairprice. You might even have to queue to go up the escalator if it’s really crowded.

Drinks are overpriced 
You can easily get a cup of tea at coffee shops for a dollar. Go to any food court located in any malls and you’ll pay $1.50 for a cup of tea that is more milk than tea.

It’s too noisy
Especially during festive seasons. You’ll hear the same songs being repeated over and over again. There are also so many people talking, laughing and shouting.

It’s easy to lose your way
Especially in big malls like Vivocity, Tampines Mall and Westgate. It’s just so hard to get around and you keep having to retrace your steps.

Top Image: MJ Prototype / Shutterstock.com

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