10 Simple Fashion Tips That Turns A Person From Fashion Disaster To Fashionista


“Wah lao eh. Why the weather in Singapore so crazy one.

“One moment hot, the next moment rain. Rain still okay leh, after a while stop, then super sunny. Make people sick one leh.”

Find yourself saying that too often? You’re not alone.

With Singapore’s unpredictable weather and (almost) summer all year round, how do you look fashionable and yet comfortable at the same time?

That’s why we’re here to help! Or at least attempt to show you some tips so you can look in vogue at all times.

1. White on denim

Guys, we know you may want to follow Lee Dong Wook or Gong Yoo’s layering:

Image: mymbuzz.com

But you don’t have to always be modish that way.

Especially since it’s really hard to pull it off in Singapore, well, except maybe during Singapore winter (which we don’t know when it’s going to come back).

But we know you can follow Park Bo Gum’s style for sure:

Image: etnews.com

In fact, even for the ladies, pair a white tee/shirt with denim jeans, shorts or skirt. You can’t go wrong that way.

Image: pinterest.com

But of course, that’s for a casual look. Switch the bottom for something else and you’re good to go. Read on!

2. White on neutrals

So apart from pairing white with denim, you can also match them with a pair of neutrals for a more formal look for the office.

Again, I’m going to use Park Bo Gum because he is my definition of perfection (before you slam me, go watch Love in the Moonlight and you will know why).

Here it is:

Image: eukybearlovesdrama.wordpress.com

Bring an outerwear so it doubles as a shield for the winter-cold office and aids you in looking chic at the same time!

For the ladies, it’s the same concept. Just like that:

Image: i.pinimg.com

Now, doesn’t it look trendy and breathable? “But hor, I don’t have such a good figure leh. Got anything to pair with black or not?”

3. Avoid wearing black

“Oei. I just ask you to pair something with black for me but you tell me don’t wear black?!”

Image: giphy.com

Chill, peeps. Hear me out. The thing about black is that it usually looks good when it’s layered. But it looks dull when it’s on its own. Let’s not forget it traps heat too.

But if you really can’t do without black, then I would suggest that you repeat points 1 and 2. So, black top with denim or neutrals. That is, only if you can’t bear to part with black or you’re ripped enough to pull off anything.

4. Pinafores

This has got to be one of my favourites. For the ladies, of course.


Stock up on single-coloured pinafores because they are so versatile when it comes to pairing.

Image: pinterest.com

Match it with a formal blouse or shirt, and you can probably wear it to the office.

Or couple it with a graphic tee and you’re all ready for a fun day out! Guys, don’t be jealous, here’s something you can wear if you’re up for the challenge.

5. Overalls

Ladies, this is very much similar to pinafores but of course, comes in different forms so I shall skip your part and focus on the gentlemen.

So, this is something that looks fashionably adorable but not many guys will want or dare to even wear it.

Image: dhgate.com

So if you’re not up for the challenge in Singapore, experiment with it when you’re overseas, either during summer or a country that’s sunny all year round.


6. Keep it stripey the right way

Apart from dressing as little or as thinly as you can for Singapore’s weather, it’s important that you keep your proportion in check.

If you’re slightly on the chubbier side, then you want to wear stripes that are vertical, not horizontal.

Conversely, if you look like a sugar cane (good for you) and want to beef it up (I don’t know why), then wear horizontal stripes instead.

Image: thedapperist.wordpress.com

Rule of thumb: Vertical stripes create an illusion that you’re lean while horizontal stripes make you look bigger.

7. Sleeveless outerwears

“But hor, layering really looks quite nice leh. Really no chance to wear ah?”


Alright friends, we hear you. Instead of layering on long-sleeve outerwears, why not try wearing sleeveless ones? This works for both male and female.

Image: solidrop.net

The guys may not have that many options but there are plenty for the ladies. I’m not sorry, that’s how the world works.

Image: aliexpress.com

8. Printed short-sleeve shirts

Life doesn’t always have to be white, black, or neutrals. They can come in bold colours and printed patterns – abstract, polka dots or even floral for the guys!

Image: fullfitmen.com

Best of all, short-sleeves are comfy, prints are fun, less serious and perfect for the weekends or a holiday trip abroad.

Image: col323webdesign.com

For the last two points, we’re going to switch things up a little and look at ‘accessories’ to complete your summer look in Singapore.

9. Caps (or hats)

For the street fashion lovers, you can finish the look by pairing it with a cap, like how Kang Daniel from Wanna One does it.

Image: twitter.com

Caps are not so over the top but if you want to spice things up a little and not afraid to get more eyeballs on you, there are different kinds of hats you can wear – beret, bucket hat, chupalla, cowboy hat, and the infamous fedora Bruno Mars wears.

Image: giphy.com

10. Shades or sunnies

While this can be part of your fashion statement, sunglasses actually help protect your eyes from the sun rays and help you see better.


In the context of Singapore, we definitely can’t do without it. We will tick that off as a staple then.

But of course, it comes in different shapes and sizes so choose one that complements your face shape. For me, I prefer circular-lense sunglasses. What about you?

Image: youbeli.com

We’re no fashion police but we’ve heard and read the wise words of Gianni Versace before: “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.”

So while these are some tips from us, go ahead and create your own fashion.

Even if you want to layer until gao-gao (thick-thick), we don’t really care cause’ you’re the one suffering. *evil laughs*

But really, hua hee tio ho lah (as long as you’re happy), hor?