10 simple ways to make your boss your friend when you just entered the workplace


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 10:00 am

It’s hard, we’ll admit. Entering a new workplace and having to get on good terms with everyone around you is probably everyone’s biggest nightmare; being unsure of what to say or do to please your boss.

After all, making a good impression during your first few months at work really counts, and it’ll make your life a billion times easier if you’re on your boss’s good side. Plus that might mean getting an early promotion too.

If we were to be honest, trying to make your boss like you isn’t that hard of a task. So here are some simple ways that will get your boss to notice you … in a good way.

Ask him out to lunch
There’s no harm in asking a person out to lunch, is there? Casually pop the question of having lunch together via email or mobile. Chances are, he will not reject you because going out to lunch with your new employee is polite. Plus he will want to give you a good impression too.

Ask for more work
Of course, not when you’re swamped with work and you’re constantly pulling all-nighters. But if you are someone who finishes work pretty fast, it will be good to ask your boss for more. All bosses like to see that their employees have initiative, so asking for more work will definitely get you in their good books!

Smile and greet whenever you walk past them
We understand that it can get rather awkward to smile at someone who is in charge of you. And most of the time you end up looking down and avoiding all eye contact. But smiling and acknowledging his presence will actually make you appear more confident. And let’s be real, your boss is still a human after all. They’ll smile back, promise.

Invite him to your wedding
That escalated quickly, didn’t it? But, we are being serious. Inviting him to your wedding will make it compulsory for him to appear so that he won’t come off as aloof or uninterested. It gives him a little sneak peak into your personal life too, which can bring you both closer on a deeper level. Or maybe give you more topics to talk about in the future. Most importantly, he’ll be pressured into packing you a big, fat ang pao.

If you make a mistake, fix it
Don’t just sit there and wait for them to fix your problems for you. Most of the time, they already have a whole bunch of work to handle and adding on to theirs will not get you in their good grace. So if you make a mistake, write down a list of solutions before presenting it to your boss. You can bet they’ll be more impressed than angry.

Take responsibility
And sometimes, if the mistake is truly one that cannot be reversed, take full responsibility for it. It’ll show your boss that you are someone who isn’t afraid to own up to your mistakes. In this day and age, being able to take responsibility is a trait that most bosses look for in employees. 

Command respect
Yes, don’t just spend your time kissing their ass. Let them know that you are here to stay; that you have the potential and capability to bring them to higher levels. Produce solid work, and stay out of office gossips. Accept criticism when given and use them to improve yourself. You’ll see that your boss will slowly respect you and might even heed your advices when needed.

Master the art of looking busy
Let’s face it, no one loves doing work all day. Sometimes we just really want to rest. So in this case, look busy; pretend that you have a ton of work to complete. If you’re using a computer, open up different tabs on your screen relating to the job. And if you happen to be browsing something else, have your hand ready to alt tab and switch screens when your boss walks over. But we suggest not doing this too often.

Be honest
If there’s one thing that’ll make your boss like you, it’s being honest. Bosses tend to have many subordinates and partners that’ll say things to please them. They are not dumb, they know. So stand out from the rest and be honest with your boss. If he asks you for your opinion on something, be truthful. I mean, don’t start rattling off complains, but give them good constructive feedback. It’s always refreshing to hear someone else’s point of view, even if it may be completely different.

If all else fails, try your best to like them
Well, some bosses just suck no matter how much you try to get them to like you. They remain pure evil. In this case, know that we feel extremely sorry for you. But pull yourself together, and do anything in your power to make work bearable for you – even if that means kissing their ass occasionally. Just look forward to going home and ranting to all your friends about your bitchy boss.

Top Image: Pavel Ilyukhin / Shutterstock.com