10 simple yet awesome ways to have a romantic date at home with your bae


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 3:50 pm

Romantic dates need not be extravagant. It need not be in fine dining restaurants. It need not have 100 roses to call it a romantic date and you need not break your bank just to impress your girl. Romantic date can take place at home and such dates can become a memory for a lifetime, if only if you are creative enough.

Support your favourite team 
Yes, sometimes, a romantic date can be as easy as cuddling each other and watching your favourite team score. Especially with the ongoing champions league. Instead of gulping down tons of junk food, you can now have your loved ones to cook for you. Imagine sipping your favourite soup, cooked by your favourite person and watching your favourite team score. Wow, that got to be the best feeling ever.

Cooking together
Yes, sometimes cooking together can be real fun. Instead of racking your brains about thinking what to cook for dinner, both of you can now bounce ideas off each other. Cooking can become creative only if you dare to try. Can you imagine wagyu beef with cinnamon power? It sounds weird, but you’ll never know until you try.

Baking together
Yes, we know. Baking is never a guy’s thing. But baking with your loved ones is different. Kneading dough together can be the most fun thing to do on earth if you’re doing it beside your loved ones. Furthermore, the sweetness and the bliss that a sweet couple emanates should be enough to replace all the sugar that is needed in your cake!

Netflix and chill
Yes, with Netflix in Singapore, you can literally Netflix and chill on a Saturday night. Imaging watching your favourite show while cuddling your favourite girl, wow, that bliss.

Dance together
Yes, try dancing together with soft music at the background. You need not be at top class standard, and you can finally relax and not worry about bumping into other people. Just you and her, with no distraction. Wow, that got to be romantic.

Take a nap together
How often do Singaporeans take nap anyways. Sleep is precious in our times and what can be more romantic than taking a nap together? Practical and romantic.

Take a bath together
It will be best if one of you happen to have a bathtub at home. Imagine playing with bubbles. Not only is it romantic, you get to relieve your childhood experience too.

Make coffee together
Yes, especially if both of you are coffee addicts. Nothing can be more romantic than to DIY your own coffee. You get to decide the amount of coffee beans that ought to be grind. You get to decide on the sugar level of the coffee and you get to laugh at each other coffee making tactics.

Prepare strawberries with fondue chocolate
Imagining yourself trying to prepare the hot chocolate while your loved ones patiently cut the strawberry into pieces.  She slowly washes the grapes and pierce all the marshmallows together. Wow, that simple joy in life.

Stargaze together
While it is very difficult to stargaze in Singapore, it is not totally impossible. On some lucky nights, you may get to see the stars and how all the planets aligned. And most importantly, you get to hug your loved ones with one arm and sip your favourite wine in the other.