10 strange relationship habits that are actually normal among many couples


Last Updated on 2017-12-02 , 1:16 pm

Do you find yourself being attracted by good-looking passers-by even though your girlfriend/boyfriend is just right in front of you?

Don’t panic yet and freak out about your feelings apparently dissolving – this is perfectly normal!

If you are worried about some aspects of your relationship that might seem totally abnormal or problematic, here’s some reassurance for you!

Find out whether others are having the same problem as you: if yes, that means it is a perfectly normal phase to go through.

Pulling away at critical times
Therapists have revealed that men, especially, like to do this. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. It just means that they have considered your relationship very seriously, so much so in fact that they get a little scared. It’s fine, as long as both of you stick it out and talk through it.

Having to adjust even after being together for a long time
If you have just made a huge decision like moving in or getting married, it’s perfectly normal to feel disoriented. Sure, you might love your other half and may have already been together for years, but it’s inevitable to go, “Oh my God, I didn’t realise she looked like this every morning.”

Having different interests
If all couples had to have the same hobbies, the definition of love will totally change. It’s not that easy to find someone who wants to stay in all day and watch marathon re-runs of FRIENDS, you know. It’s perfectly normal to have different hobbies – it’s still a healthy relationship.

Being attracted to other people
It’s normal to appreciate beauty when you see it – that’s what our eyes were made for. However, if you catch yourself thinking about other people enough to make you feel guilty whenever you see your partner, it might be time to reconsider your feelings.

Not complimenting your other half
A therapist, Holly Cox, says that it is perfectly normal. Sometimes, people are afraid that a compliment will look too abnormal in the eyes of their other half or that they may get rejected with a reply “So you finally noticed?” However, being normal doesn’t mean that you should do this. Remember to make your other half happy once in a while!

Having secrets
You know all those sayings about being “completely honest and open”? Right, those are just sayings. In reality, we all have things we would prefer to keep to ourselves and it’s perfectly fine. This is so long as it is something harmless and not going to affect your relationship when said out.

Having fights
It’s normal to quarrel once in a while, but if it turns into a habit, you will have to watch out. Remember that you should never fight for the sake of annoying the other person. Instead, fight with a purpose, such as trying to make him/her understand your point of view.

Having unresolved fights
Sometimes, it’s simply easier to let trivial things go. For example, if he always leaves his socks on the floor, just accept that you will have to clear it for him. Just like how he accepts that the bathroom is 90% occupied by your array of cosmetics. It’s called give and take. You win some, you lose some.

You don’t feel like loving him/her sometimes
This might come as a shock, but it’s okay to focus on yourself once in a while. Sometimes, you are just too tired or angry from a quarrel. You have ups and downs, but as long as you stick it out, those positive feelings will come back.

Wanting to be alone
Just remember, you are still yourself even if you have gotten attached. You’ve been single before and done things by yourself before, so there’s no problem with being independent. Just don’t overdo it!

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