10 subtle signs of a faithful boyfriend


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 2:39 pm

A faithful and loyal person has his own traits that cheaters usually don’t possess. What are the 10 subtle signs of a faithful boyfriend and does your boyfriend have these qualities?

He knows his priorities
He lets you know his priorities and where you are positioned, while you may not be the number one on his list since he still has a family but he shouldn’t be making excuses up when it comes between you and an insignificant game.

He has boundaries
He doesn’t go around treating you and every girl the same, even though he should still be nice to other girls when he’s attached, he should set some boundaries for himself on how close he should be with other girls.

He’s emotionally intelligent
He thinks before he acts. He doesn’t go about settling things without processing it.

He keeps his words
Breaking a promise can seem like it’s not harmful but constantly not keeping his words shows what kind of a person he is.

He’s grateful for you and he appreciates little things. Being grateful will lead us to be satisfied and contented with what we have rather than looking elsewhere for more.

He doesn’t crave attention
He doesn’t crave unwanted attention except for yours. He doesn’t need the attention of many others to prove his own existence.

He’s secure of himself
He has confidence in himself and he’s secure enough to know he doesn’t need multiple girls to boast his ego.

Great communicator
He’s a great communicator. Both of you will need to talk and communicate thoroughly in a relationship. He conveys whatever he thinks to you so you know what’s in his mind. You don’t have to guess, you don’t have to feel paranoid.

Mindset of “what can I give” rather “what can I get”
He possesses the mindset of what he can give instead of focusing on what he can gain.

He’s sure of what he wants and he goes for it
He’s works hard for what he knows he wants. He doesn’t go around trying out of curiosity and experience, because who’ll want to keep someone who dates girls for trying and experiencing?