10 Theories About The Next Avengers Movie After Infinity War (Spoilers)


If you are reading this, I assume you’ve already watched Avengers: Infinity War.

Image: BGR

And you probably left the movie theatre going, What in the actual heck…

Because the entire movie has probably got you sitting on the edge of your seat in complete disbelief.

At least that’s what happened for me.

I mean seriously, from the moment the movie started all the way to the ending and the freakin’ post-credits scene…

It was a wild emotional ride.

By the way, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, even our friendly police force. We’ve written an app-exclusive article about how Rocher NPC used an Avengers: Infinity War reference to convey a message:

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But…now what?

Avengers 4, of course (to be released next year so we all can anxiously wait together). 


So here are 10 things that you should know about the next Avengers 4 to feel some sense of comfort after that rollercoaster of a movie we all just watched.

1. When will the movie be out?

Let’s get this out of the way first!

Image: express.co.uk

This is an important start to our list. When is Avengers 4 going to be released?

Right now, it is set to be released in the US on May 3, 2019.

Usually, Singapore’s release dates would follow the US by 1-2 weeks.

That pretty much puts Avengers 4 Singapore release date to be slightly over a year from now!

Just a year to wait, guys!

2. Who is going to be in it?

Image: The Independent

Well, after Thanos vanished half the universe away, this is a good question.

Who on earth (literally) is going to star in Avengers 4?

Well, coincidentally (or not), the next Avengers movie will star the heroes who were in the first ever Avengers movie.


All who were left standing at the end of Infinity War.

Is this a coincidence?

You tell me.

With MCU, it’s anyone’s guess.

So, the heroes in the next Avengers are basically going to be: The Black Widow, IronMan, Captain America, Thor (the pirate angel baby), Bruce Banner, War Machine and Hawkeye.

PLUS, Captain Marvel.


Yeah, if you bothered to stay for the post-credits scene, Captain Marvel would be Captain Obvious.

3. The Defeat of Thanos

Image: The National Review

Look at this beast.

However you feel about Thanos, you cannot deny this guy was pretty much one massive load of badassery.

The amount of complete brute force used on him the movie barely left a dent on this machine.

So will Thanos be defeated?



Something that was covered in the comics that wasn’t in the movie was that, essentially, Thanos did not believe that he was worthy of victory.

Which would spell his downfall.

Basically, he shoots himself in his own foot.

But hey, comics and movies aren’t usually good friends, so well.

4. It’s not enough to just beat Thanos

Let’s be honest.

When Thor jumped on Thanos with that pretty sweet axe upgrade, we were all holding our breaths.

And boy, were we let down big time.


And yes, I know that this seems pretty duh.

You see, defeating Thanos by itself now is quite pointless. The damage is already done so besides revenge, it’s really quite pointless.

The remaining Avengers are going to have to find a way to reverse the effects of what Thanos did with the infinity stones.

In other words, they are going to have to find a way to bring back half of the entire universe.

No easy feat.

So that’s something to look forward to in the next movie.

5. Captain Marvel

Image: whatculture

If you’ve stayed for the post-credits scene, you’d know one thing for certain.

Nick Fury sent a distress call to Captain Marvel.

And she is coming.

The movie with her backstory (also to be released next year, before Avengers 4) will be set entirely in the past so it won’t deal with the MCU post-infinity war.

But we are pretty much guaranteed that she will be in the next Avengers movie.

And just perhaps, she holds the key to not just defeating Thanos, but setting the MCU back to how it used to be again.

We don’t know, but we’re certainly just going to have to wait to find out!

6. Not everyone will survive

Image: ScreenGeek

Okay, so I won’t lie. The death that really got to me was Spiderman’s.

That end scene with him and Tony Stark…sigh, my poor heart.

Now on that note, let’s talk about everyone who died in Infinity War.

That list is bloody long.

Now I’ve talked a lot about reversing the effects of what Thanos did with the infinity stones.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone who vanished is suddenly going to come back to life in the next movie.

The writers have told us to get used to the deaths that have occurred, but we are not sure just how far they’re going to take this.

All we know is that some of those deaths are permanent and some aren’t. Again, we’re going to have to wait to find out more in the next movie.

Have I mentioned that I hate waiting?

7. There could be some time travel action

Image: Marvel

So this is one cool theory floating around the Internet about the next Avengers movie.

That it involves Time Travel.

Many support this theory because of the two new movies coming out before Avengers 4 (Ant Man and the Wasp & Captain Marvel) are both set in the past.

(BTW don’t add Deadpool in: that character isn’t part of the MCU)

This sparked off the theory that the past is going to play a huge role in Avengers 4. And as a direct result, time travel.

Also, there have been rumours from the Avengers movie set about dead heroes like Loki and Spiderman being spotted! Can’t be that they’re there to, erm, visit their friends, right?

Now whether this points to having flashback scenes or time travel, you decide!

Personally, I’m holding my breath for time travel.

8. The Breakaway

Image: Marvel

Producer of the Marvel movies, Kevin Feige, has teased us all by saying that Avengers 4 will mark a clear turning point for the entire MCU.

Now what this means exactly, we don’t know.

All we know is that all the movies that come after Avengers 4 are going to be taken in a whole other direction than what we have come to expect from Marvel movies.

Oh man.

Well, with 80 years worth of comics, we can’t say we are too surprised by the changes that are coming.

But again, only time will tell if these changes are going to be well-received by people or not.

In other words, after Avengers 4, it would be a new MCU. Makes sense, since Tony Stark now has to many more wrinkles and Steve Rogers looks like Steve Old Rogers instead.

My bet? Captain Marvel gotta go kick some butts.

9. The Eternals

Image: MarvelDatabase

There are also rumours about the Eternals being involved in the post-infinity war world, as Thanos himself is an Eternal.

Just for reference, Eternals are beings who are given godlike powers by even more powerful beings known as the Celestials.

You’ll probably remember the Celestials from Guardians of the Galaxy.

This makes sense and seems to be a pretty cool premise to officially introduce.

But just how big a role the Eternals are going to play in Avengers 4?

You guessed it!

We have to wait to find out.

10. Secret Wars

Alright, in my opinion, this is probably the coolest theory circling the Internet.

This theory is about the 1984-1985 Marvel comic Secret Wars, where every single Marvel universe out there comes together and collides in one huge all-out war.

Like Armageddon.

The absolutely huge and insane scope of the multiverse storyline isn’t that far-fetched as it has already been introduced to MCU by way of Doctor Strange.

This storyline would also explain why the X-Men and Fantastic 4 haven’t been in the recent movies (they have been in a parallel universe) while creating the perfect scene for them to be reintroduced to MCU!

(Thought the real reason is that Marvel Studios hasn’t got back the rights for X-Men and Fantastic 4 lah).

This could also be what Kevin Feige has been talking about, about the Marvel universe moving in a whole new direction. Could they have bought back the cashcow X-Men rights?

All we know now that Infinity War has ended is that there are going to be huge things coming our way, and big changes to expect.

Hopefully, this list gives you insight into what you should expect from MCU and gives you a year’s worth of things to think about, just in time for the release of Avengers 4!

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