10 Simple Yet Effective Things to Do When You Have Constipation

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You know a feeling that’s almost as bad as having diarrhoea? Not being able to go when you’re in the toilet.

We’re talking about the big, bad C that can stand you up for days–constipation.

How do you deal with constipation? I mean, no one wants to sit and have the annoyingly uncomfortable feeling when you cannot go, right?

Here are 10 things you can do. High-5, y’all.

1. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Like, especially with water. It helps lubricate your intestines and softens the food you’ve eaten. This makes it easier to pass through lor.

2. Cut the Stress Out

Stress, especially psychological stress, can have an immense effect on your bowel movements.

When the brain is under a huge load of stress, strangely enough, the bowel senses it too.

It’s also good to point out that most of the time, people who are stressed don’t eat proper food nor exercise regularly.


3. Move Your Body

Try to be physically active at least three times in a week for a minimum amount of 30 minutes.

This helps by stimulating your intestinal muscles to work better and drops the number of minutes needed for food to pass through the intestinal passage too.

4. Keep Tabs On Your Regular Routine

More often than not, you’ll find yourself heading to the toilet almost the same time every day. It could be in the morning right after you’ve had your first glass of water, or in the afternoon – an hour after your lunch (new food needs to get processed ma).

Whenever you choose to ignore your body’s clock to go to the toilet, it gives your body that extra time to extract more water from the stools.

The best thing to do? Give yourself ample time to have your bowel movements in the morning before you go to work. Wake up half an hour earlier and drink a glass of water or two if that helps to kick start things!

5. Increase Your Fibre Intake

It’s been well documented that an increase in fibre during meals helps to increase the chances of going to the toilet.

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You’ll want to stock up on items like apples, broccoli, spinach, carrots, kidney beans and Brussel sprouts, among other fibre-rich foods.

6. Be Prepared For When You’re On the Go

If you’re constantly up and about, don’t forget to take care of yourself also la. Keep a bottle of water with you. Eat salads or fruits whenever you can.

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Stash a couple of healthy granola bars in your bag. Be mobile as much as you can – it’ll help you when you’re sitting on the toilet waiting for the bomb to drop.

7. Eat Raisins

Raisins are good for constipation because of two things – they’re packed with fibre and on top of that, are natural laxatives. The best way to have them when you’re constipated is to soak a handful overnight and gulp it down in the morning when you’re tummy’s empty.

8. Detoxify with Lemons and Salt

Lemon juice is a naturally-occurring cleansing agent. Salt, on the other hand, assists in the easy passage of your stool. Both combined will also detox your body. Combine some lemon juice with a pinch of salt in a glass of warm water, and down the moment you’re out of bed.

9. Cut the Dairy Out

Some people are lactose-sensitive or even intolerant, which causes bloating, gas and constipation. Cut these items off of your eating list and see if it alleviates your constipation symptoms.

10. Stop Eating Junk Food

Yes, these things are bad for you la. ESPECIALLY processed meats, potato chips and those packet things you cannot stop buying every time you enter 7/11.


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