10 things your girlfriend secretly wants to hear from you


They say that we females should come with instructions because we’re just that complicated to understand and we drive you men crazy. Honestly, I don’t think we’re that bad because you drive us just as mad! Let’s face it, things would be a lot easier for you if your girlfriend just tells you what she wants, right? I agree but that’s still something you’ll have to live with. However, here are 10 things your girlfriend would secretly love to hear from you that’s going to make things in your relationship less complicated.

You’re smart
I’m sure from time to time you’ll remind your girlfriend that she’s beautiful (if not, you’re a terrible boyfriend). Nowadays, girls also want to be acknowledged for how smart they are as well. They want to know that you’re not just with them because of their looks but also because they’re intellectual.

You’re amazing just the way you are
You’ve seen her on her good days and bad days, I’m sure. So if you really love her, reassure her that you think she’s perfect flaws and all. That’s bound to make her heart flutter. Or you could drop Bruno Mars’ track and dedicate it to her. That works too but you’ll need to sing like your life depends on it.

Let’s go on a spontaneous holiday right now
Won’t any girlfriend want to hear this? Sometimes, girls fantasize going on a holiday escape with their other half so hearing this will surely give them a pleasant surprise but before you go and say this to her, be sure that you actually have the holiday escape planned beforehand, ya? Or else.

You say you’re okay but I know you’re not
Yea, it’s our greatest downfall- Saying something we don’t actually mean and actually expecting you to know how we feel. So the next time your girlfriend says she’s okay when she doesn’t seem like it, don’t just keep quiet. Instead, tell her that you know she’s not and that you want to talk about it. Sometimes, girlfriends just want their boyfriends to at least try and be a little more understanding.

Can I help you with that?
Yes, whether your girlfriend is an independent superwoman or not, just ask her this. She wants to know that you do want to help her even if she doesn’t actually need any assistance. Trust me. We love a man who we can rely on.

I’m always here for you
Sometimes, this reassurance is all your girlfriend needs to hear. It’s comforting especially during the hard times.

You’re my one and only, now and always
Some girlfriends want to hear this, definitely. As cliché and cheesy as it seems, your girlfriend wants to know that she holds a special place in your heart and that she completes your life.


I’ll take care of that
When your girlfriend faces a problem, she’ll be relieved and more attracted to you if you offer to help find a solution or help her work out her troubles. See? It doesn’t actually take much to be a superhero in your girl’s eyes.

I appreciate you being in my life, you know that?
Your girlfriend wants to feel appreciated every once in a while for all the things that she’s done for you or for merely just being a special part of your life.

Yep. Sometimes saying nothing at all is the best thing that a boyfriend can do because all a girlfriend needs sometimes is for her boyfriend to just listen. Having a boyfriend that listens attentively makes a whole lot of difference than one who doesn’t at all.

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