10 Things You Need To Know About Sweet Monster, The Creator Of Popcorn Ice Cream



The Korean fad is here to stay in Singapore. We have Korean BBQ, Korean Chicken Wings and anything that is Korean is bound to generate crowds on its own.

With the queue at Milkcow and LlaoLlao slowing down, the latest craze in Singapore appears to be Korean Popcorn Ice cream! Better known as Sweet Monster, we are sure that most of you know this ice cream joint pretty well by now.

For those who are still clueless, let us cue you in on what Sweet Monster is all about.

1. It sells pretty much everything that is sweet

Sweet Monster sells pretty much everything sweet. On its menu, it has ice cream, popcorn, milkshake, cakes, cake ice cream, sweet coffee, and sweet lemonade. They tended to be on the sweet side, so if you have a really sweet tooth, this is definitely something you MUST try if you have not.

2. Its signature is a sweet and savoury ice cream

Sweet Monster is well known as the creator of popcorn ice cream. In fact, its signature is the sweet and savoury ice cream known as Cheese & Caramel Mix. This awesome ice cream is made up of soft serve with cheese and caramel flavour popcorn mixed into it. The first taste of this ice cream will send you to candy heaven immediately. Even though it is a tad sweeter than normal, the savoury popcorn mix controls the overall sweetness and gives it a really good balance.

3. Their mascots represent a part of their menu

There are three mascots altogether – BlueMon is the Sweet Monster himself. He represents all the sweets in the menu. CookieMon characterises the cookie bits that you can find in some of their ice cream and shakes while LeMon represents their hot selling lemonade. All of them are so cute that you just can’t help by going “ga-ga” over them!


4. They are an American Festival Confectionary Shop

Sweet Monster is a regular serving American Festival Sweets and they are definitely proud to do that! In fact, they are said to have change the paradigm of the dessert industry.

5. The height of the popcorn ice cream varies

Well, the height varies because you have to depend on the skills of the scooper. If the scooper is really good at it, you can definitely get a tall, thicken tower of popcorn ice cream to send you to candy heaven for some time. This is really about heng suay.

6. They have 9 types of ice cream soft serve to choose from

Yup, they have 9 types of ice cream! If you want to try all 9 flavours, head down with 8 other friends and order one of them each. Make sure that all of you have a stomach for lots of ice cream because it is monster-sized!

7. Their milkshakes are one of a kind

If you are not into ice cream, you can consider one of their milkshakes. They have 5 different milkshakes for you to try, the signature being Ferrero Nutella. Try them all to see which one is your favourite!

8. Their cake x ice cream gives you the best of both worlds

If you are craving after cakes and ice cream, head down to Sweet Monster and order one of them cake x ice cream. This is what I really love about Sweet Monster – they literally give you the best of both worlds!

9. Their lemonade is out of this world

You must try their lemonade – it is out of this world! There are actually three flavours – lemonade, orangeade and grapefruit-ade. We tried the lemonade – it was good. The drink is sour, citrusy and refreshing. It goes really well with the ice cream.

10. They use organic milk for their soft serve

The last point we wanted to point out is this: their soft serve is made up of 75% organic milk! Where do you find such luxury in your ice cream? The creamy, milky taste of the soft serve is really something to die for. Try it out!

We can go on for more goodness about Sweet Monster, but we decided to let you go out there to try it yourself! When life is hard, enjoy soft (serve)!

Feature image: whynotdeals.com

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