10 Things People Who Worked in F&B Hoped Diners Would Know & Understand

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The F&B industry is a demanding job, not just physically but mentally, too. If you think all it takes to be in F&B is to serve diners their food, you’re very wrong.

There’s a reason why Singaporeans are not taking this job, and as someone who has worked in several (so many, I’ve lost count) restaurants and cafes during my schooldays, I believe I have the right to say this: there’re just too many shits when you work in F&B.

Here’re the ten shits, and honestly speaking, only someone who has once worked in F&B would understand. So cut them some slack now!

You’ll stand the entire day
Are you an office worker? If so, imagine you having to be on your feet for hours. Initially, you’ll get sore legs on the next day, but soon, you’ll get so used to it that it feels weird not to stand for hours.

You’ll also walk the entire day
Every single second, you’re either standing at one corner looking after your area or simply walking from one area to another. If you’re unlucky enough to be the one who is chosen to bring the dishes to the diners, then you’re literally walking every single second. Seriously. They’re called the food runners for a reason.

You’ll get scolded for no good reason
Maybe it’s the kitchen’s fault for taking too long to cook, or maybe it’s a manpower issue, but you, as the frontline server, would receive all the bashing. You’ve learned how to apologize so much that you could almost do it with a poker face.

You’ll feel hungry AF
Here’s one advice for those who intend to join the F&B industry: please make sure you have a full meal before reporting for work. You won’t want to look and smell food the entire day with a hungry stomach—it’s torturous.

You’ll need a typhoid vaccination
In the past, you’ll need a typhoid vaccination in order to work in the F&B industry. The company will pay for it, but a jab is still a jab: imagine you having a fear of needles. However, this has ceased since 2010, so you new F&B servers: you’re lucky! But then again, free vaccination: isn’t that good as well?

You’ll be treated like dirt
Let’s face it, shall we: there’re just some damn elites who look down on servers, or some guys who are trying to impress their dates, who would do whatever necessary to pull you down, or to embarrass you. If you think that is an exaggeration, think again.

You’ll have to wash your uniform very regularly
You can’t wear a uniform twice because it’ll smell. And to think they always just give us less than three sets and want us to work six days a week.

You’ll have to clear the restaurant / café when the day ends
For some (for me, it’s a café), you’ll have to wash the toilet—no kidding.

You’ll have no unscheduled breaks
So, you want to go for a smoke break? Wait until your shift is over. The only time you can take unscheduled breaks is when you need the toilet: and you can’t go often as well, if not you’ll hear complaints from all diners.

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You’ll work when your bae / friends / family members are not working
Shift work—I rest my case.

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