10 things you probably didn’t know you can do in Community Centres


Last Updated on 2016-05-21 , 1:03 pm

What’s the first thought that comes to your head the moment someone mentions community center. Boring. Elderly. More boring.

To most of us, Community Centres are probably just a place where you book badminton courts, or where elderly head to do their exercises. We assume that there isn’t much that can be done there.

But over the years, Community Centres have changed and are slowly starting to offer more things. And below are 10 things you probably didn’t know you could do at a Community Centre.

You can pick up cool classes there
From Muay Thai to dance classes, you can pick all sorts of fun classes at a Community Centre. These classes can take a toll on your bank account if taken anywhere else. At a Community Centre, their rates are much cheaper. And if you’re looking to start some new hobbies, we suggest heading to your nearest Community Centre to try out some of these classes..

That said, you can take great courses there
Aspiring designers, listen up! Do you know that you can actually take courses such as fashion design and dress making at Community Centres? We are not kidding. Say goodbye to spending tons of money on outside classes. Plus it’s a great way to figure out if the fashion industry is truly your passion!

You can book a music room
Remember all your jamming sessions? Well, you can now book your own personal music room at most Community Centres. And we doubt anyone’s going to complain about the racket you will make. Plus, we’re sure your mother will definitely thank you for that.

You can learn new languages
If you’re someone who loves travelling, it is probably a good idea to pick up some languages such as Japanese, Spanish or French. The tutors at Community Centres are more than skilled enough to impart onto you useful knowledge.

Join groups
It’s always nice to meet people from other walks of life, to learn from their experiences and put yourself out there. Going to a Community Centre can allow you to join such groups and meet new people. Who knows, he or she might just become your new best friend!

Go to the gym
Yes, no more paying $100 a month just to workout. Simply head down to your nearest Community Centre and you will get the same stuff, but at a much cheaper price. Granted the place might be a little crowded but hey, you can be the first one there when they open early in the morning!

Rent a function room
Got a birthday party coming up? We all know how expensive planning a birthday party can be. Renting the location is enough to break your bank, so we suggest booking a multi-purpose room/hall at a Community Centre instead! They’re big enough to accommodate your guests, and they won’t make such a big fuss about noise as compared to condos.

Scan or print documents
Calling out to all Poly students, we know of the pain of trying to find a printing shop when your essay is due tomorrow. Some Community Centres such as Clementi CC allows residents to use the computers and browse on the Internet at affordable rates. Called an e-club, you are also able to scan or print any documents at a much cheaper price too. So the next time you have got a document to print at the last minute, simple Google for your nearest CC and head there!

Roof terrace
Yes, Community Centres do have a roof terrace. Next chilling session date, maybe?

Volleyball court
It’s hard time find places to book a volleyball court. The most famous being the courts at Sentosa. I remember the last time my friends tried booking a volleyball court. It took us ages to find a court before we realized CCs do offer them.