10 Things You Remember About Rochor Centre Which is Going to be Torn Down Soon


All things must come to an end. Rochor Centre, an iconic public housing estate, will soon be demolished for redevelopment. Finally having to say goodbye, long-term residents start reminiscing about their days living in the estate. Non-residents similarly have their stories to share about this long-standing estate.

1. 4 colourful blocks of buildings

Image: stateofbuildings.sg

In bright shades of yellow, green, red and blues, it is indeed difficult to overlook Rochor Centre whenever you pass by it. The vibrant colours add to the liveliness to the otherwise busy district. However, it was not always that colourful until fresh coats of paint were given in 1994.

2. The buildings you have seen somewhere on Instagram

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Well, you might not have known its name but when you see a picture of it, you will definitely find it familiar. The reason behind it is that it is a popular backdrop for Instagram photos and even videos. 

3. The buildings you’ve always walked past

You may not know it but Rochor Centre is so near Bugis MRT station and being in the central business district, you would have definitely walked past it if you had visited the area.

4. A variety of shophouses and offices

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The estates housed more than 180 shops spread over the first three storeys of the buildings, ranging from shops selling religious ceremonial goods to hardware stores and beauty salons to eateries. The shops were always crowded with customers. 

5. The 4th storey is a void deck

Yes, that’s right. We might be used to having the ground level being the void deck but Rochor Centre is special. The void deck is also a play area for children with playgrounds and open spaces. It is also an area where the residents gather together.

6. The mixture of languages and dialects

This is really the place where you can get confused over what people are talking about. Everyone seems so adept at speaking different languages over here. It is no surprise that an Indian resident could speak Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese.

7. The friendly and kind people

Image: goingplacessingapore.sg

The kampung spirit is exemplified in Rochor Centre where people always chat with one another, sharing about their day. Even if you’re just a visitor to the estate, you feel very welcomed.

8. Different generations coming together

With the estate being almost 40 years old, long time residents have seen the birth of their grandchildren and when the youngster visit, the estate becomes a bridge between the different generations.

9. The coffee shop that has been there forever

Serving the residents, the coffee shop has been operating for decades and it will definitely be missed not only for its food but also as a place where residents gather for their small talk.

10. The lifts do not serve every storey

As with every old style estate, the lifts only serve certain levels and you would have to climb the stairs if the lift does not reach your destination.

With all fond memories in our head, let’s get ready to bid our final farewell to these colourful buildings.

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