10 Things Strawberries Do During Work That Give Them a Bad Reputation


Last Updated on 2023-02-18 , 5:27 pm

The term “strawberries” might be unfamiliar to some of you, but they essentially mean people of the younger generation who can’t seem to get their shit together. Okay, correction. Not just people of the younger generation, but just anyone who can’t seem to deal with the fact that the world does not revolve around them.

Throw them a bit of hardship and BAM! the phase “complain to my mother” arises more than anything else. Else, you will also see their social media feeds filled with daily rants about the grievances they’ve faced at work, or just some of the customer service problems they’ve dealt with for the day.

Want to know if you are working with a strawberry? If you managed to check all 10 pointers below…. well, good luck. Because they’re not ones to be trifled with.

1. They take the short cuts

Strawberries are best at taking short cuts at work.

It’s like asking them to complete a 10km marathon and they’ll be at the finishing line within half an hour because they freaking drove there. And no, you cannot blame them for cheating because they did complete the 10km run – regardless of how they managed to do so.

Same for work. They will try to take short cuts in everything – regardless if it compromises the quality of work done.


2. Everything also “cannot”

“Can help me type this proposal out by 2pm?”
“Huh…. cannot lah, where got time.”

“Can help me send an email to the client to push the meeting forward?”
“Huh…. cannot lah. I don’t have access to my email now. And I’ve a lot of things on my hand also”

You get the drift.

3. Be prepared to be defied

Trust me, you won’t want to go into a debate with a strawberry because they will always just pull out the “complain” card. And no one can ever beat them at the complaining game, especially if the ball gets thrown into their parents’ court.

So yes, they will try to defy you in all ways possible and most of the time, you can’t do much about it other than firing them – be careful about the way you do it too yah.

4. Oh god, the giggles.

They will almost always be looking at their phones and giggling at something – either if it’s ridiculous snaps that they’ve just sent to their friends, or cute cat videos – there’s always something to laugh about.

5. The lateness really last warning

Maybe because last night party too hard. But seriously though, it’s not uncommon for them to be 1 hour late for work. I mean, work only mah. Big deal, meh?

6. They just…complain

There’s just something about strawberries and complaining. Whenever I scroll through my Facebook feed, I always see meaningless rants about people COMPLAINING about their jobs or the bad customers they’ve dealt with for the day – almost possible to compile into a book.

I mean, you complain on Facebook got use meh? Just say it to the customer’s faces lah. Or write it in a journal or something. Honestly, no one cares.

7. Tea breaks are a must

Even if it’s not stated in the contract, strawberries will always assume that they are entitled to tea breaks. Not lunch ah, tea breaks.

8. Want me to OT? Got OT pay?

And of course, it’s always about the game of fairness. Want me to buy office supplies? Give me the petty cash first. Want me to OT? You better make sure you give me my OT pay if not I complain to MOM.

9. Any hardships thrown at them = quit within a day

Employers, do note that it is extremely essential to thread lightly when it comes to strawberries at work because if you throw too many things at them on their first day of work, you can be sure that they will not return to work the next day.

Also, if you give them something to do that makes them feel unfulfilled at work, you can also be sure that they won’t turn up the next day too.

So, there’s always a need to test water first – to see the type of strawberries you’re dealing with.


10. Everything has to be done together.

And of course, most of the time, every job given to them has to be done together with someone else – preferably with another strawberry so that it lightens the load for one of them.

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