10 Things That Contribute to Balding Hairline Even for Youngsters

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A balding hairline doesn’t just affect your looks, it also causes damage to your self-esteem. Even if you’re only 30, the lack of hairline could make you look 50.

To help you look and feel confident, we have compiled a list of facts to help you understand how to prevent balding and why people suffer from it.

Because one of us is also a victim of the balding hairline.

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1. Sorry but genes play a part…

Unfortunately, if your parents suffered from a balding hairline…chances are, you are gonna suffer from it too. Also, the probability of you having it increases as you age.

But fret not, because as the list goes on, you will certainly find ways to battle this issue and prevent it from worsening, because while you can’t control your genes, you can control the next few points.

Keep reading.

2. Keep the ciggies away!

Smoking hastens hair loss, and I did not make this up. Research has proven that smokers are more likely to experience a balding hairline than people who aren’t. This is because chemicals in the cigarettes will kill the blood vessels at the follicles, thereby preventing hair growth.

Another reason to quit smoking?

3. Diet

“What goes around, comes around.” This phrase describes what I want to say about our diet. What you put in your mouth will eventually affect your entire body, including your hair. If you want to have a healthy head of hair, stay away from foods with high sodium content! Carbonated drinks that contain a lot of sugar should be left alone too!

And instant noodles is one of them. Here, take a look at a video we’ve done (focus on the part about sodium) and you’ll get it.

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Instead, opt for foods high in vitamin B, particularly B12. This vitamin can be found in fruits like bananas and apricots. Protein is also a good source of nutrients because it makes your hair thicker and stronger. So, the next time you eat, remember to ask yourself if you’re getting enough of the above nutrients!

4. Are you exercising enough?

One reason people suffer from a balding hairline is due to the lack of exercise. When one doesn’t exercise enough, blood circulation will be poor, and your hair follicles may not be getting adequate nutrients.

Well, not just any exercise will do. Its best to stick to aerobic exercises like running and swimming to stimulate hair growth. Just keep your heart beating fast, baby!

5. Stress

While genes can contribute to hair loss, environmental concerns like stress can too. Stress causes hair follicles to enter a ‘sleeping’ stage and you can guess what will happen…hair will stop growing and a balding hairline will surface.

Stress also causes you to age and when your body thinks it’s aging, hair will start to thin and weaken too. Now that you know stress is one of the reasons, don’t ever fall into this trap! Know when to relax and unwind. Download our free app for entertaining and informative contents like this, and when you’re stress, we’re just a tap away.

6. Hygiene

Poor hygiene = unhealthy scalp. With a scalp filled with grime, oil and dead hair cells, your follicle function will weaken and lose their ability to grow hair.

There’s more to come! An oily scalp causes dandruff and people who have balding hairlines often have dandruff. Sounds gross? I suppose you know what to do now RIGHT?

7. Towel drying

Rubbing your hair can cause severe damage and I am guilty of this too. When you rub your hair vigorously, you hurt your scalp and hair follicles, disrupting hair growth! So go gentle when you’re drying your hair.

Alternatively, if you’re really in the habit of drying your hair with a towel, then do it with a super soft towel.

8. Brush your hair

If you rarely brush your hair, I hope you do after reading this. Apparently, brushing your hair reduces hair loss and can even give you that glow. When you brush your hair, you are activating the sebaceous glands, and this produces sebum. The sebum is what keeps your hair moisturized and will help you maintain the right pH.

So what your grand-grand grandparents said about brushing your hair would lead more hair to drop off isn’t true.

Brushing also gets rid of the impurities on your scalp, making your scalp as healthy as ever! What’re you waiting for? Start looking for a comb now!

9. The shampoo you use

Some of you must be wondering why shampoo can be the cause of your balding hairline when it keeps your hair clean. Hear me out.

You might turn to thickening shampoo to increase the volume of your hair when you notice you are balding. However, this might be causing you more harm than good. Thickening shampoos often have a lot of ingredients and if you do not wash them thoroughly, they’re going to result in a build-up in your scalp.

A 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is convenient, and I use this when I am pressed for time. But, such products have ingredients that are supposed to stay in your hair and can hinder hair growth!

10. It could be other issue: seek medical attention if you can

Every person is different, so is his or her hair. If need to, seek professional help since they’re the ones who know more about hair. But of course, if you’re a smoker, the first thing to do is…#2.


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